Sunday, November 20, 2016

Vänersborg, Öxnered, Karlstad

Today I will make a circle around lake Vänern - the largest lake in Sweden and European Union.
I will first take X2 train to Skövde, then X40 to Herrljunga, then taking a train to Vänersborg. From Öxnered I will travel on the west side to Karlstad, then back to Stockholm.
Lake itself is not displayed on this map, but the circle is in the middle of the map, so I will really travel around the lake.
Taking Västra Stambanan railway directly to Skövde

Passing by E20 near Finnerödja
X2 is gone, after a short waiting, my next train is arriving
X40 Stockholm-Göteborg service is a slower one than X2, making more stops and taking another route between Hallsberg and Stockholm.

There are many messages nowadays in trains due to reduced amount of train staff.
It is not possible to buy ticket onboard the train, the penalty is 1200SEK for travelling without a ticket.
After short ride, I'm in Herrljunga.
This weekend due to railway works there are no services between Alingsås and Göteborg. X40 continues until Alingsås, while X2 trains are taking another route through Borås.

MTR Express trains (X74) are parked here in Herrljunga, no services are offered due to railroad works.
X2 train coming from Göteborg/Borås have to change direction in Herrljunga, this one is continuing to Stockholm.

X11 and X14 are waiting for departure to Borås and Uddevalla.
X14 will take me further to Vänersborg

I'm now on Älvsborgsbanan railway
Herrljunga is left behind


Hunneberg mountain
Meeting an X52 in Vargön
Time to get off
"You are the best"
Vänersborg. The train was supposed to continue, but due to another railroad work it is replaced by bus to Uddevalla.

I have one hour to visit Vänersborg
Vänersborg was the capital of Älvsborg county, one of 3 counties merged into one single Västra Götaland in 1997.

Vänersborg church

Vänersborg is located near lake Vänern

Vänersborg is translated as Vänercastle, the only castle I could see here was this one.

Note about a large city fire in 1834
Unfortunately this part of the trip to nearby Öxnered had to be made by replacement bus.
Bus to the right, and the train to Göteborg to the left. Normally, this train is going all the way to Vänersborg.
In Öxnered Älvsborgsbanan railway is meeting Norge/Vänerbanan railway.
During many years there was literally a crossing between the two railways, but in 2004/2005 the station are was rebuilt.
X50 for Göteborg. On this line Västtrafik has 3 coach version of X50.
The old railway crossing is saved here as a monument.
Railroad work for the line to Vänersborg. Seems that the tracks are completely gone, hopefully temporarily.
Beautiful Öxnered station building, not serving as station anymore.

Today there is an architect office here.

Railway slippers left after reconstruction
Before 2004, the railway from Vänersborg would continue straight to where I'm taking photo from.
Today there are only removed tracks left on this spot.

Norge/Vänerbanan serves international rail traffic on this part between Göteborg and Oslo.
NSB BM73, recently refurbished by Dutch NedTrain company.
The service has 4 stops in Sweden: Göteborg, Trollhättan, Öxnered and Ed before entering Norway.

The railway has a double tracks between Göteborg and Öxnered, from Öxnered it is a single track.

My next train is an X52-3 to Karlstad, operated by SJ.
This version of X52 is an Intercity with both 1st and 2nd classes and a cafe. The train was fully booked, so I did not take any photos until Karlstad.
1st class has 2+2 seating while 2nd class has 3+2 seating.
X52 in Karlstad. SJ is operating this service in cooperation with Västtrafik and Värmlandstrafik.

Y31 Itino train for Torsby.

My last train for today is an SJ Regional train to Stockholm, departing at 16:15
Just 5 min earlier, is another train for Stockholm operated by Tågab.

Tågab is normally operating service Göteborg-Falun via Karlstad. Today the train that arrives from Göteborg is split in two, one for Falun, the other for Stockholm.
Tågab Rc3 locomotive. Old SJ sign can still be spotted.

Just on time, Tågab is passing by my train 5 min before departure.

Normally, this route is operated by Snabbtåg (X2 or X55). SJ Regional service has not bistro coach, but on the other hand it offers more empty seats (at least in the coach I was in).
Inside SJ B7 coach
Goodbye Karlstad
A stop in Kristinehamn. Another Tågab is here, arriving from Falun.
First class coach A2 from Tågab.
A view somewhere between Degerfors and Hallsberg.
In Hallsberg there is a longer stop, due to passing by X2 train. The station is currently in reconstruction.
Tåg i Bergslagen
My train is waiting for departure in Hallsberg

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