Saturday, July 9, 2016

Magdeburg, Leipzig, Erfurt, Altenbeken

Starting my day in Hannover, today I will take 5 trains.
 Bahnhofsmission in Hannover, Christian charity network available in 105 stations.
 Since December 2015 new Stadler Flirt double deck trains are operating Westfalenbahn line RE60 Braunschweig-Bielefeld. Each train have six parts, which makes the largest multiple unit trains in Germany.
 Stranded passenger

 Very convenient information informing where to find your coach on the platform
 Ernest Augustus statue outside the train station

 My first train today is a classic Intercity with Adtranz 101 locomotive
 Old fashioned compartment
 I have arrived to Magdeburg, which is in East Germany
 From Magdeburg there is a regional RE1 service Magdeburg-Berlin-Frankfurt(Oder), here with Siemens ES 62 U2 colourful locomotive.
 Magdeburg station
 NGT8D tram from Alstom/LHB

 East German house is now being demolished


 Green Citadel house from Friedensreich Hundertwasser

 Back to the train station
 Another RE1
 My next train is IC2 (Intercity 2) which entered the service recently (December 2015). Here is line IC56 Leipzig-Norddeich.
 Traxx P160 AC2

 Each IC2 train has five double deck coaches
 One of the coach has 1st class
 Harz Elbe Express service operated by Transdev and Alstom Lint 41 train
 Siemens Desiro Classic

 River Elbe
 Solar power plant
 IC2 has reached its maximum speed
 Ostseelandverkehr Alstom Lint outside Delitzsch Railmaint
 DR Class 130 "Ludmilla" diesel locomotive from Soviet Union
 Suburbs of Leipzig (Rackwitz)

 DR Class 250 (or DB Class 155) for MEG (Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH), the most powerful locomotive in the former GDR.
 Bombardier Talent 2 train for S-Bahn Leipzig

 DR Class 243 (DB Class 143)
 My IC2 train has arrived to Leipzig
 Leipzig railway station is the largest in the world measured by floor area.
 Bombardier Talent 2 train for SE12 service Leipzig-Saafeld operated by Abellio
 Abellio is a daughter company of NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen).
 Shopping mall inside Leipzig station
 In 1939 Leipzig was Germany's busiest stations (today it is Frankfurt).
 The old waiting rooms have been transformed into shopping and cafeterias.

 NGT8 tram from 1994 in Leipzig, manufactured by Duewag/Siemens/ABB/DWA

 In Germany tobacco billboard advertising is still allowed (Germany and Bulgaria are the only countries within European Union allowing this).

 Leipzig City Tunnel opened in 2013 for S-Bahn, the tunnel converted the terminus Lepzig main station into a through station. The project has received criticism for limited usability by long distance trains.

 Leipzig City Tunnel occupies space for former platforms 1-6
 Model railway at Leipzig station, like in many other stations in Germany. 10 rides for 1 Euro!!!
 Another spectacular event taking place at the station is the train coupling, here performed by two ICE-T trains
 This type of coupling is called Scharfenberg coupling and it is fully automatic
 ICE-T is the train I'm taking now from Leipzig to Erfurt. It is the tilting version of ICE high speed train.
 ICE-T trains are mainly used in this part of the country at the time being. There are two versions, ICE-T5 (Class 415) and ICE-T7 (Class 411) with 5 and 7 coaches respectively.
 Passing by Leipzig airport
 The airport serves as the main hub for DHL Aviation. In terms of cargo traffic, it is the fifth busiest in Europe, and second busiest in Germany after Frankfurt.
 I'm now taking brand new Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle high speed line which opened in December 2015. It is the first ETCS level 2 railway in Germany
 1st class coach

 Entrance to one of 3 tunnels along the line - Bibra tunnel (6466m)
 It is the first ETCS level 2 railway in Germany (without trackside signals)
 ETCS Stop marker (instead of a light main signal )
 I have arrived to Erfurt. The station was modernised in 2008
 DB Class 612 tilting DMU
 My ICE-T is heading further to Frankfurt, now I can see that the second part is a ICE-T5 set

 Another ICE-T in Erfurt
 Siemens Combino tram in Erfurt (from 2002-2005). This tram type can be seen in many towns, I'm recognizing it from Amsterdam.

 Erfurt station

 KT4D tram from ČKD Tatra manufactured in the 1970's. Since 2014 KT4D are no longer in regular service, three cars were left for city tour service.
 Captain Bluebear and Hein Blöd on the Gera in Erfurt

 Erfurt Angermuseum

 I'm waiting for my next train. Interesting is that the upper train has coaches with "no entrance" signature
 Intercity train is arriving

 Soviet style architecture

 Gotha station
 Abellio service RB20 Halle(Saale)-Eisenach

 Großer Inselsberg mountain

 Another "Ludmilla"
 Traxx F140 AC1 from CTL Logistics which is a polish freight railway company
 R6 line Eisenach-Bebra from cantus Verkehrsgesellschaft, operated with Stadler Flirt
 A stop in Eisenach
 Traxx F140 AC1
 Monte Kali spoil tip
 Signal for railway workers
 Traxx F140 AC2
 Alstom RegioCitadis for Kassel RegioTram - a tram-train light system
 My Intercity has arrived to Altenbeken where I get off

 Altenbeken is a small village with one hotel
 But the main sight is a 482m long viaduct from 1853, it is still today Europe's longest limestone viaduct

 I was hoping to see some interesting trains, but during my hour here there were only S-Bahn and RB trains
 RB72 Herford-Paderborn

 S5 Paderborn-Hannover
 French company Keolis (owned by SNCF) operates here under brand name Eurobahn RE81 service Bielefeld-Altenbeken.

 My last two trains today will be from Westfalenbahn, first RB72 to Herford

 1st class on Stadler Flirt
 I have arrived to Herford
 In Herford I change to my last train, Stadler Kiss/Dosto line RE70

 The train is new and fresh
 1st class coach
 In Minden there is a 10 min stop, I have time to take a photo of the station, which looks more like a castle

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