Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bologna to Venice to Vienna

Starting my day in Italy and Bologna train station. Today I'm leaving Italy and travelling to Austria with a stop in Venice.
 Bologna central station is one of the busiest train stations in Italy, about 800 trains per day.
 ETR 600 train aka New Pendolino
 This morning while waiting for my train, I see many trains passing here.
 This one is heading for Roma Termini.
 FS Class ALe 642 from AnsaldoBreda for regional service
FS Class E.464 locomotive with Vivalto double deck coaches
 FS class E.444R for Intercity service
E.444R was manufactured 1990
 UIC-Z1 coach approved for speed of 200km/h
 The train I'm taking next will be to Venice. There are however several trains departing from Bologna to Venice this morning. This one is a Regionale Veloce train
 RV train is hauled by FS Class E.464 locomotive and the coaches are of type FS MDVE. This service from Bologna to Venice is taking 2h and have 8 stops. There is no seat reservation on this train.
 Frecciarossa train however requires a seat reservation, but the trip is taking just 1h 25m with only 3 stops. Trenitalia has also Frecciargento train services to Venice, the trip takes as well 1h 25m with 4 stops.
 I'm not taking that train either.
 My train is arriving just shortly after Trenitalia Frecciarossa departure. Italotreno is a private company competing with Trenitalia on many routes including this one. Interrail is not valid on this train, however if booking well in advance the price can be really good.
 ETR575 Alstom AGV is the train used for Italo, and it is a successor of Alstom TGV used in France.
 There are 4 classes: Smart, eXtra Large, Prima and Club Executive. This is a Prima coach with leather seats.
 The trains entered the service in 2012, so they still look very fresh
 Snack and beverage machine
 Smart class coach (2nd class)
 Prima class (1st class) has in seat service.
 Seats designed by Poltrona Frau
 Interesting location for power socket


 ETR343 Stadler Flirt for Regione Del Veneto
 Venezia Mestre is one of the two main stations in Venice. This is one is located on the mainland.
 Venice is connected with mainland through 3.85km long Ponte della Libertà road bridge built during times of Mussolini. The railway connection was built earlier, already in 1846.
 On the other side is the airport of Venice

 After passengers left the train, I took this photo. I'm a little bit amazed by the location of the seat and window. In my opinion the best location would be the window covering completely the four seats.
Venezia S.Lucia is the terminus station in the historic city of Venice. 82000 people is using the station every day (60000 lives in historic city of Venice).
Cleaning the window before next departure

 Maximum speed is 300km/h

Current station building completed in 1952
Canal Grande
Venice is of course worth a visit during an Interrail trip, even though I would not recommend to stay here longer than some hours. Very convenient is that the train station is within the walking distance from all major sites.

There are too many tourists here
Famous gondolas in Venice, the price is 80EUR for 30min. I can use many trains for that money.
San Giorgio Maggiore church

I'm back to train station, here is Frecciabianca FS Class E.414 for services Venice-Lecce, Venice-Udine etc.
Frecciarossa FS Class ETR500 for services Venice-Milan and Venice-Rome.
ETR 610 SBB Eurocity for service Venice-Geneva

My next train is also an Eurocity service from Venice to Vienna.
Austrian ÖBB is operating this daily service. There is also a night service for same route.
Siemens ES 64 U4

The locomotive is approved for 4 countries

Seat reservation is mandatory for Interrail pass travellers, 9EUR for 2nd class, 13EUR for 1st class. If buying a single ticket, and booking in advance the price is 29EUR for 2nd class and 151EUR for 1st class. Seats can be booked via Trenitalia webpage.
Time to leave Venice

Some regional trains along the way

Church of Ponte della Priula
Bridge over Piave river

Second class coach

Bikes are allowed on this train

Pordenone station
Seats in first class compartment can be transformed into a bed!

ETR 563 CAF Civity train
Stop in Udine

The stop lasted some time, so I had a chance to take this photo outside the station in Udine
We are getting closer to Alps
We are now travelling on Pontebbana railway from Udine to Tarvisio and further to Austria
Since 2000, there is a completely new line layout and a top speed of 180km/h in operation, which has reduced travel time on this section from 100min to 45min.
Tagliamento river

There are many tunnels along this line. Here is Campiolo Monte Palis tunnel (5575 m)
Zuc-del-boron tunnel (9222 m)
Siemens ES 64 F4 from MRCE Dispolok Ltd.

Autostrada A23
Tarvisio tunnel (1052 m)
Tarvisio Boscoverde station opened 2000 and replaced Tarvisio Centrale
It is the last station in Italy
ÖBB Amz73 coach

Next is the last tunnel before Austria
Leila Tunnel (3,269 m)

We are now in Austria

After being delayed in Tarvisio, there was a further delay in Villach due to change of locomotives
I'm not sure exactly what happened, but our Taurus locomotive were changed to...
...ÖBB Class 1144
Lake Wörth

Airport in Klagenfurt
St Mary's Church in Maria Saal
Hochosterwitz Castle

Treibach-Althofen Bahnhof
Dinner in restaurant coach (spinach-ricotta ravioli)
After delays and a long journey I have arrived to Vienna main station

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