Saturday, January 23, 2016


This is my second trip to Järvsö zoo, last one about 1 year ago, at was covered on my blog.
 Today I'm taking same SJ Intercity train bound for Duved. Here is a view from last coach, somewhere between Stockholm and Uppsala.
 Stopping at Uppsala.

 My coach is of type AB7, and it is a mixed 1st and 2nd class coach. The coach was rebuilt around 2008, so it looks fresh inside.

 New breakfast is now being served in SJ trains. It have to be prepaid in advance.
 Passing by Dragon Gate
 Gävle station

 A freight railway yard in Gävle
 Bollnäs station

 Final stop for me is at Järvsö. Here is a view to the south.

 Train is moving on towards Ljusdal, Ånge, Östersund, Åre and Duvel.

 Entrance to Järvsö zoo, Järvzoo.
 The zoo is specialised in Nordic animals and it is open all year.

 The walking path around the zoo is 3km long.


 Ski resort is just nearby, it can be viewed from the zoo.

 Since the bears in the zoo are hibernating during the winter, i could only see taxidermic bears.

 Back to Stockholm. First by a local X-Trafiken X50 train to Gävle.

 In Gävle, changing for another train.
 While waiting, had a chance to see another Intercity to Östersund. On a Saturday there are 2 trains on this route in each direction.

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