Monday, January 4, 2016


I'm back in Switzerland and during two days I will visit mountain railways. Today I'm going to visit Jungfraujoch. To get there I need first take standard railway to Interlaken, from there three different narrow gauge railways.
 I'm taking first ICE 1061 train to Interlaken. This german high speed train service is between Berlin and Interlaken but this early morning train is travelling between Basel and Interlaken for further service to Berlin.
 The train is long and empty on this route and time of the day. ICE 1 train has 2 power cars and 12 intermediate coaches. The train itself is from 1991 but has been refurbished some years ago, so it looks very fresh to me.
 Spiez station.
 Heimatland (Homeland in English) is a slogan used by the local rail company BLS.
 ICE announcement, four 1st class, seven 2nd class and one restaurant car.
 ICE trains travelling to Switzerland are equipped by ETCS system and financed by Swiss government.

 The railway is beautifully located close to Thunersee lake.

 Arriving to Interlaken West. The town takes its name from its geographical position between the lakes.

 Between the lakes is the river Aare
 Final destination is Interlaken Ost.
 ICE train is waiting for 30 min, at 10:00 it is travelling back towards Berlin, a journey from here takes 9h 30min to Berlin Hbf.
Interlaken Ost station
 From Interlaken there is a mountain Bernese Oberland railway.

 Eurail, an Interrail version for non Europeans is not valid on these trains.
 A small local airport is located between the mountains.
 Wilderswil station
 The train splits into two train at Zweilütschinen.
 I'm taking the one to Grindelwald on the way up.
 Police is controlling the roads.
 After some minutes the landscape is white.
 The trip from Interlaken (570m above sea level) to Grindelwald is taking me up to 1034m above sea level, and the temperature drops.
 At Grindelwald I'm changing train for further trip to Kleine Scheidegg.
 Convenient Panorama coach

 The railway is also called a Rack railway.

 Kleine Scheidegg station at 2061m above sea level.
 Here I'm changing for the last train to Jungfraujoch.
 The line to Jungfraujoch opened 1912 and it is Europe's highest railway in Europe.

 Jungfrau railway is 9km long and runs almost entirely in a tunnel.
 There are stops in the tunnel, with possibility for tourists to have a 5min stop.
 The view from the tunnel station.
 It has been snowing

 Final stop is at Jungfraujoch
 It says that the view is magnificent, but I had a bad luck this day.

 Fortunately there was cafe and restaurant inside.
 The train is arriving and will take me back down.

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