Saturday, February 13, 2016


Following up my trip from last year to Mora and Rättvik. This year planning to visit Mora town and Morastrand station.
 Taking SJ Intercity train 42 from Stockholm to Mora.
 Old fashioned coach train is powered by Rc6 locomotive. SJ has 98 of this type.
 First stop in Arlanda.
 Second stop in Uppsala.

 From the first coach, the back of the locomotive is visible.
 Sala station. Waiting for a delayed train from Linköping.
 X50 SJ Regional from Linköping is arriving, 5 min delayed. Passengers travelling from Katrineholm, Eskilstuna, Västerås can change to Mora train in Sala instead of Stockholm.
 Approaching freight railway from Bergslagen at Avesta Krylbo.
 Avesta Krylbo station.
 Säter station

 Djurås station
 Gagnef station
 Circle window in A11 coach
 Insjön station

 Approaching Leksand, famous for its hard rye bread manufacturing
 Passing by Österdalälven in Leksand.

 Leksand station

 Tällberg station
 Meeting X50 Tågkompaniet train
 Arriving to Rättvik

 628m long Rättvik pier.

 Lake Siljan is covered in snow and ice

 Approaching Mora

 Rush Rail 185 Bombardier Traxx locomotive
 Rush Rail T66 diesel locomotive

 End station for this train. In less than an hour, it's getting back to Stockholm.

 Mora station
 From Mora, it's possible to travel further north on Inlandsbanan to Östersund.
 The train is called Snötåget, operated by Inlandsbanan. Snowtrain is operated here daily between 31 December and 21 April.

 The famous Vasaloppet, is the annual cross-country ski race held beginning of March from Sälen to Mora.
 In Mora it is possible to bike with skis
 Old steam locomotive from 1916, was in traffic during 1948-1960 in Dalarna.

 Famous Dala horse
 Morastrand station is much closer to city centre than the main Mora station. This station was opened and closed several time through the years, the last time it opened was 1994 for the tourist Inlandsbanan railway.
 Today the Inlandsbanan railway is only used between Gällivare and Mora. The south part from Mora to Kristinehamn is not in use any longer although the tracks are still in place.
 Rush Rail is transporting timber on this part of Inlandsbanan.

 In Mora, the main shopping street is Kyrkogatan. Here is an underwear shop preparing for beach 2016.

 Skating is popular here.

 From Morastrand there is a commuter train service to Borlänge.
 A sign telling about the starting point of electrification.

 Back to Stockholm, the clouds seems to disappear.
 But in Borlänge it started to snow

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