Saturday, October 24, 2015

Västra Götaland - part 2

Time for second part of travelling in Västra Götaland region, western part of Sweden. This time travelling from Herrljunga, via Vänersborg to Göteborg.
 Its autumn, and today is a very grey day.
 The trees are yellow, the train too.
 In Herrljunga, X14 is taking me to Grästorp.
 Passing by Vedum station.
 In Grästorp, the replacement bus to Vänersborg is waiting. There are railway works on this track, so no trains are operating for the moment.
 Vänersborg station.
 From Vänersborg, X50 is taking me further to Älvängen.
 Arriving to Älvängen.

 From Älvängen, since 2012 there are new X61 trains operating as commuter train system Alependeln.
6 new commuter train stations were build. Here is Nol station.
 The railway between Göteborg and Älvängen was upgraded together with nearby E45 highway. To reduce the costs both rail and highway were built at the same time. Train stations on this route are identical - also to reduce the costs.
 On the other side of the rail and highway...
 Nödinge station. On the west side is the Göta älv river.
 To reduce the costs, no escalators are placed at the stations. One can use stairs or elevator. There is a risk for queuing to the elevator when the train is arriving.
 Birds are preparing for the winter get away.

 At Bohus station, one can view Bohus fortress
 The view from Jordfallsbron, bridge over Göta älv river
 SJ Regional to Karlstad is passing by.

 In the background the next bridge over Göta älv, the 50m tall Angeredsbro bridge

 Bohus station

 On the other side of Göta Älv bridge, the E6 highway to Oslo.

 Surte station
 The yellow coloured Öresundståg at Göteborg station.
 The last stop for today is Kungsbacka, which is the end station for another commuter train Kungsbackapendeln.

At Göteborg station, video billboard with information for newly arrived refugees

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