Friday, October 9, 2015

Västra Götaland - part 1

Taking a train to western part of Sweden, today exploring some stations along Västra Stambanan railway. 
 It's beginning of October, but outside is already cold. 

 Passing by ships.
 And birds preparing to fly south.

 Getting off at Herrljunga station.
 X74 train is moving on to Göteborg. Herrljunga is the last stop for MTR Express before Göteborg.
 In Herrljunga, several Västtåg pendeltåg are parked, one X12 (3217) to Varberg and one X14 (3240) to Uddevalla.

 X40 SJ Regional train is taking me further to Alingsås.
 In Alingsås, the sun is coming out.
 X61 is parked at the end stop for Alingsåspendel (commuter train to Göteborg).
 The line to Göteborg is passing through many beautiful lakes. Here is Sävelången at Norsesund.

 Next stop for me is Floda station.

 X2 is meeting one X50 here in Floda.
 Next stop for me is Stenkullen.

 Just few steps from the station is the Nature reserve of Säveån river.

 Inside X61 Västtåg.
 Arriving to Aspen station.
 Next to the station is Aspen lake.
 Here we have a trace of some animal activity.
 Partille station. Today it is a restaurant named USA Today.

 The last stop before Göteborg - Sävenäs.
 The station is located next to E20 highway.

 Here is the new Gamlestads station.

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