Saturday, October 17, 2015

Upptåget part1

Today my trip goes north, but not so far from Stockholm. 
This early morning in Stockholm is foggy.
 The local commuter train Upptåget från Uppsala north started its services already 1991 to Tierp and from 2006 was extended to Gävle.
 Uppsala centra station.
 SJ Regional train to Stockholm.
 SJ Snabbtåg X55 to Sundsvall.
 From 2002 Upptåget is using X52 Regina trains.
 First stop - Storvreta

 The way to Upptåget station
 "My second car is a Ferrari"
 In the morning, the thin layer of ice is on the grass.

 X55 trains are passing by here with speed of 200km/h.
 The nature is close
 Ostkustbanan between Uppsala and Gävle was upgraded to double track 1997, there are only 2 small single track sections, in Gamla Uppsala and Skutskär, but from next year they will have double tracks.
 Vattholma station
 Skyttorp station with the old station building.

 The railway allows speeds of 200km/h for most part of it, which gives a possibility to cover 114km at about 40min.

 Örbyhus station
 Marma station

 Railway infrastructure upgraded 1996

 When passing by train here, one can view beautiful buildings on the east side of the train. They belong to Marma firing range owned by Swedish Army (Livgardet).
 Beautiful officers pavilion at Marma firing range.
 The area is well labeled to protect the public
 The last stop before Gävle is Furuvik, which is a Zoo and amusement park opened during summer.
 At the area one can stay the night at the Orieng express coaches.
Aviation fuel train is passing here each day from Gävle harbour to Arlanda airport.

Gulf of Botnia is very close

The new double track railway between Furuvik and Skutskär is almost ready for use.

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