Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter - Värmland and Bergslagen

 Cargo train in Svartå.
 X40 in Laxå.

 Y31 outside Laxå
 Västra stambanan
 X2 is arriving from Karlstad and connecting to VSB.

 Björneborg station (closed since 1984).
 Trains are passing by Björneborg without stopping.
 Kristinehamn station.
 Tågab train is parked here.
 Kristinehamn is the official start point for Inlandsbanan up to Gällivare.

 SJ Intercity to Oslo is arriving from Stockholm.

 Another SJ Intercity (this time from Oslo) is passing by Väse station without stopping.
 Only few trains (from Värmlandstrafikens tåg VTAB) is stopping here.

 Väse station from 1869
 Välsviken station just outside Karlstad is also used only by VTAB trains.
 A few minutes walk from the station is the lake Vänern.
 Cargo train is passing by Välsviken station.

 SJ Regional (Karlstad-Göteborg) is arriving to Kil station.

 This is the latest delivery of X52E from Bombardier, and was delivered 2012 together with X55

 Kil station in an important intersection stations connecting railways to Göteborg, Norway, Värmland and Stockholm.
 Kil station was one of the important stations for the Bergslagernas Järnvägar, BJ - one of the biggest railway project in Sweden, a railway between Göteborg and Falun built during 1870's.
Tickets can nowadays be purchased in this kind of machine.
 Värmlandståg from Karlstad to Charlottenberg.

 Klarälvsbanan was once a railway from Karlstad up north along the Klarälven river. Now it is a 90km long bike road.
 Old railway bridges has been transformed into bike bridges.

 Here is a bridge in Forshaga.
 From one bridge to another along the Klarälven. This one was used for log driving purposes once, now it is simply abandoned.
 Strictly prohibited to cross the bridge, or do it at your own risk.
 Almost "Golden Gate" shaped.

 Deje station sign along the bike road.
 Bergslagsbanan however has been renovated and is in use, but only for cargo trains here in Deje.
 Old station in Deje is now somebody's home.
 The renovations has been completed 2012 with some help from European Union.
 Storfors station is also along the Bergslagsbanan, but this part has passenger trains from Tågab.
 Stopping here from time to time.
 The nature along this railway is breathtaking.
 Nykroppa station.
 The old railway station is used for other purposes now.
 Nykroppa is connecting to other part of Bergslagsbanan.
 Loka station
 Old Grytthyttan railway station.

 Hällefors station
 Bredsjö station.

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