Saturday, May 2, 2015

To Oslo

This trip took place in the beginning of May, and from a place almost in the middle between Stockholm and Norwegian border, in Degerfors.
In Degerfors, the late train to Stockholm is departing.
 Finally it is time for my train. This one is a local train from Örebro, which normally runs to Karlstad, but this one is going all the way to Oslo.
 The train is operated by Tågkompaniet (which is owned by NSB), but the train layout is from Värmlandstrafiken. Here is a stop in Kil.
 Passing by Högboda station.
 Many lakes are seen outside the window. Better than watching TV (also in wide screen format).
 The weather this day was strangely divided between cloudy in Sweden and sunny in Norway.
 The more close to sunny weather, the more closer to Norway.
 Arvika station. SJ Intercity to Stockholm is on the other side.
 Åmotfors station, not far from Norway.
 The last stop in Sweden, Charlottenberg. The view is towards Sweden, also cloudy.
 Charlottenberg is usually the last stop for local trains from Karlstad.

Charlottenberg as many other border towns in Sweden (e.g. Strömstad) is a shopping paradise for many norwegians, since the prices can be several times cheaper than in Norway.
 The border control looks very empty.
 The monument to celebrate peace between Norway and Sweden, inaugurated 1914.
 Arriving to first stop in Norway, Kongsvinger. Norwegian local trains are parked here.
 Kongsvinger station.
 The railroad from Sweden.
 Kongsvinger fortress was once build to protect Norway from Sweden, now it is a museum.
 Glomma is the longest and largest river in Norway.
 It is 621 km long.
 One cannot miss that Norwegian border has been passed.

 Rånåsfoss suspension bridge for pedestrians.

Approaching Oslo area.
 In Lilleström the railway from Sweden is connected with the railway from Trondheim and the airport.
 Arriving to Oslo.
 Arrival notice.
 Swedish train in Oslo, is a rare view.

Oslo central station main hall.

Oslo metro.
 Oslo main fjord and harbour.
 Oslo city hall.

 Oslo trams

 Oslo opera

 Back to the station, one of the NSB long distance trains.
 Local trains
 And regional trains.

The newest train in Norway, is of same type as Swedish MTR Express, manufactured by swiss Stadler.

SJ Intercity to Stockholm is ready for depart.

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