Saturday, March 28, 2015

Örebro - Storvik

 Arriving to Örebro with X40 (SJ Regional Stockholm-Göteborg).
 In Örebro, there are many art projects.

 Örebro central station.
 Another X40 at Örebro.
 Leaving towards Stockholm.
 Sunny spring day in Örebro.

 Central station building in the front, Örebro rättscentrum behind (police, court, prosecutor, prison in the same building).
 Olaus Petri church.

 A retro train parked in Örebro.
 X51 from Tågkompaniet is arriving.
 Similar trains are parked outside.
 Örebro watertower Svampen.
 Railway to Nora.
 Railway to Lindesberg.
 Meeting cargo train.
 Railway to Sala.
 Avesta Krylbo.
 Bridge over Dalälven in Avesta.
 Horndals bruk.

 Train continues to Gävle.
 Storvik is an important intersection station in Sweden.

 Station building is from 1875. Wilhelmina Skogh was once running a restaurant here, later on she became famous for running Grand Hotel in Stockholm and Villa Foresta in Lidingö.
 Storvik had once Europes longest platform (1km long).
 Wilhelminas vandrarhem (bed & breakfast).

 There are many beautiful buildings in such a small town as Storvik.

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