Saturday, June 7, 2014

Malmö, Göteborg, Laxå

(This post has been re-written 2017-03-17). Day 2 of my 6th of June holiday back in 2014. Today I'm taking train from Malmö to Laxå through Göteborg.
 Back to the Malmö C train station the next day, the strike guards are having a "fika" (swedish word for refreshments).
The old train station restaurant have been transformed to a coffee chain place.
 Saturday morning, the upper platforms are busy serving X2 trains.
 One is for Stockholm, the other to Göteborg (which I will take).
The summer has just started
After some hours trip, I'm in Göteborg. Here is one of new X61 trains for Västtåg. This trains is from 2012.
A double X2

Hotel on top of the station
X2 painted with Dagens Industri advertisement

The newest Regina trains X52E were delivered 2012. They have together with X55 been equipped with both ATC and ERTMS.
X52E have replaced previously locomotive hauled coach trains on Göteborg-Karlstad route. Now this line is operated with these trains, as a cooperation between Västtrafik, Värmlandstrafik and SJ. The trains has 1st class, as the only Regina version. X52E has 3 carriages.
X52E has 200km/h as top speed, which can be achieved at the upgraded part of Göteborg-Öxnered railway.
Totally 4 trains were delivered 2012, here is 9080
And 9078

Another X61, this one delivered in 2013
One of the few locomotive hauled coach trains from Göteborg is SJ Regional to Kalmar.
BM73 to Oslo
Filip Månsson has decorated the main external hall at Göteborg Central with these five paintings, representing the railways during 1920's. Here Bohusbanan from Göteborg to Strömstad.
Bergslagsbanan, from Göteborg to Gävle.
Västra stambanan to Stockholm

Boråsbanan (aka Kust till kust banan) to Karlskrona.
Västkustbanan to Malmö.

I'm leaving Göteborg with SJ Regional to Laxå.
Changing of catenary system is ongoing during 2014.

Some parts of the railway Västra stambanan had only single track in operation during this period.
This is where I get off - Laxå.
Two X40 trains meets in Laxå

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