Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hallsberg model railway

(Please note this post was made 2017-03-18). On one of my trips to Örebro, I made a stop in Hallsberg to visit the recently opened. I had actually a chance to be there on the first day they opened, on 14th of June 2014. 
 The way for me to find about this exhibition was this advertisement in a magazine. I think it was SJ Kupé magazine.
 There are several ways of getting to Örebro, the direct train is taking Mälarbanan through Västerås. Another way is to go through Hallsberg and change trains there. It takes more time, but can be a nicer trip.
 The weekend in the middle of June was sunny

 I took X2 train, the train was heading to Karlstad. In 2014, X2 trains terminated in Karlstad, while SJ Intercity trains with coaches continued to Oslo.

 Passing by Igelstabridge

 Now I'm in Hallsberg and visiting model railway exhibition. The location is Bergöös house.
 An exact model of the railway station in Hallsberg is being built up.
 The club started this project in 2011

 Traxx locomotives

 The real railway is just outside the window

 X2 model train from Jeco

 The house was built by merchant Adolt Bergöö, and it is today a museum and place for exhibitions in Hallsberg.

 The house is famous for wall paintings by Carl Larsson and his wife Karin Larsson Bergöö (she was the dotter of Adolf Bergöö).
 Carl Larsson is one of the most famous Swedish painters.

The house of Bergöö

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