Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Wien Praterkai, Батајница/Batajnica

Heading to Belgrade through Vienna

Morning flight over Baltic sea and the archipelago of Stockholm
Welcome to Vienna
Old S-Bahn railcars are still available in Vienna

I'm at Wien Praterkai station near the airport
Class 6020 from late 70's
The station is located next to the Stadlauer Ostbahnbrücke, which was opened in 1870
Wien Praterkai is located at Laaer Ostbahn railway that goes to Brno in Czechia

Just down below is the Donauuferbahn which is used by freight trains

It is supposed to be some freight trains on this line too, but I did not see many
Only a Hilfszug
RegioJet from Prague

There is more activity down below
Railjet Taurus hauling a freight train

Lufthansa A380 is landning in Vienna Schwechat 

Freight train with new metro cars for Munich

RegioJet with CzTrain Vectron
Wien Haidestraße

EC to Budapest at Vienna main station

Nightjet from Amsterdam

Freight trains are using the line through main station

As I mentioned I was heading to Serbia, this time I will only have time for a short visit at Батајница/Batajnica
Old RVR trains as local S-Bahn

A freight train is coming from the east
BZD Class 047 is the same locomotive as HŽ Class 1141 manufactured by ASEA and Končar
PIMK rail is a Bulgarian railway company

The freight seems to come from Turkey, which means that is goes all way by rail between Turkey and probably some West European country, e.g. Germany

ŽS Class 711 from  Metrovagonmaš

A little bit damaged Class 644 from Slovenia

Also Turkish

185 681, KP - Kombinovani Prevoz d.o.o.

185 717

647 004-3

Time to fly back, this time through Switzerland

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