Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sződ-Sződliget, Nagymaros-Visegrád, Dömösi átkelés, Zebegény

I have been traveling west and east from Budapest, today I will go north along the Budapest–Szob railway line 70.
But first, a classic view from the bridge of Róbert Károly körút
Further ahead is the Budapest Nyugati station

Alsógöd station

Right after this train had passed I witnessed something really shocking. I guy was lying on tracks - I did try to lift him up but he was not willing to do that...
After the locomotive (to the right) had passed I helped him get up once again and this time he left the tracks. Thank God he was lying in the middle of the tracks, along the rails - it is then possible to be unharmed if the train is coming. 
Surprisingly, the traffic was not stopped, even though the driver of the previous train did see a person on track.
Now, for some time the trains were avoiding the track where the guy was lying
By the way, this is the Eurocity to Prague
The guy took the next passenger train, so I could get relief
240 103-2, Retrack

The cargo train creates a lot of wind

People are completely fearless here
240 144-6, Railtrans International

400 115-8, Train Hungary

I'm heading further north to Nagymaros-Visegrád

The history of Nagymaros is tightly attached to Visegrád, a medieval royal seat on the right bank of the Danube, which rises in high rock ore. Built on the narrow headland of the Visegrád side, Maros was the favorite residence of the rulers during the reigns of Lajos Nagy, Sigismund, and Matthias. The Maros plain facing Visegrád was particularly suited to holding knightly games, which flourished mainly in Matthias' time, but the Royal Courts of Vienna in 1572 mention the knightly games of Maros, arriving by ship for a few hours on Maros. In the diary of David Omichius Ungnad, printed ten years later, it reads: "We have come two miles from Esztergom to a market town on the left bank, called Maros. The court people in the aforementioned Maros town have had a lot of fun playing games." At that time, Maros was the temporary residence of the lords, who built mansions for themselves. (Wikivoyage)

380 006-7, Škoda 109E

230 019-2

Škoda locomotive with Škoda car transport

240 100-8

Visiting now a station where the passenger service is suspended
The station is Dömösi átkelés and it is beautifully located next to Danube river

187 524, PSŽ - Prvá Slovenská železničná a.s.

D, A, H, RO for this locomotive

386 015, Metrans

Not as much boat traffic here as on the Rhein river

383 413 and 383 419

Zebegény, just one stop before Szob which is on the border with Slovakia

044 115-1, RTI
БДЖ Class 044 is coming from Bulgaria, it is Škoda 73E - the same as CD Class 242 

242 558-5, LokoTrain

610 102, CER

Suburbs of Budapest in the dusk


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