Monday, December 26, 2022

Mommenheim, Hochfelden, Wilwisheim

It's Christmas time, and this year I'm flying to/from Frankfurt and taking trains to/from Barcelona
I'm on my way to celebrate Christmas, here is Stockholm Central station
This year, it is white Christmas in Sweden and Norway

Taking the train from Degerfors to Oslo
SJ Intercity
Not much people traveling on the 25th of December

Arriving to Oslo

On my way to the airport with a stop at Alnabru

Lillestrøm station
SJ Nord train to Trondheim

Gardemoen airport

Deicing time
Arriving in Frankfurt - no snow here
DB is promoting train as an alternative to plane

After staying in Mannheim, I'm on my way to Strasbourg

On my way to Barcelona, I'll be traveling in France - and this time I'm lucky to avoid strikes
The line between Strasbourg and Metz/Nancy
Really old wagons here on the local line between Selestat-Saverne

It's the 26th of December, today there are no freight trains visible

La Zorn river at Wilwisheim

The high speed line can be seen here

Taking the train to Nancy

Temperature differences here in France

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