Saturday, December 3, 2022

Belgium - part 2

When I said that I will have a surprise when it comes to weather I did not mean sunny and warm days, on the contrary - I can also find beauty in foggy and dizzy weather. It gets mystic and magic somehow.

Gent has 3 tram lines 

Narrow streets and huge trams

Graffiti Street

Gent St.Pieters is the main station of Gent, it is currently under the reconstructions - here is the part of the station already rebuilt

Eating out does not have to be expensive - at the Souplounge, you get all this for 7eur
Starbucks at the main train station is worth a visit

Doorijdende trein

Vooruit is a historic complex in Ghent, Belgium. Vooruit was originally the festival and art center of the Ghent-based labor movement, with a ballroom, cinema, theater, etc. It is now mainly used for concerts and other cultural events. (Wikipedia)

Having a beer at Café Romain
Visiting Drongen station, which is at the Brussels-Oostende railway

186 234

The railway has now four tracks all the way between Gent and Brugge
The stations have platforms with access to all four tracks

Not much sun here in Belgium during my November visit
Grootdok in Gent
Today I'm visiting the station of Schellebelle where two railways meet, the one from Mechelen and the other one from Brussels
Alstom HLE13 or SNCB Class 13 is the main locomotive of Belgian railway for the freight trains

The train is on the way to Mechelen
Train from Brussels
1302 on the way from Brussels to Gent


193 360

The station can be a bit congested when two trains arrive from different directions
M7 rail car 
Class 21



Gentbrugge station
Vossloh Euro4000, Europorte France SAS


Test ride for 186 223, Medway Belgium

186 333, DB Cargo Nederland N.V.

266 013, Railtraxx

186 255, LINEAS

186 230, Crossrail Benelux N.V.

186 492, LINEAS

MaK 6400, Railtraxx, 

186 458, Captrain Deutschland GmbH

The old ticket office

186 234, DB Cargo AG

186 258, LINEAS

475 423, BLS Cargo

186 333, DB

186 292, LINEAS

186 454

Tesla cars

186 425, RTB Cargo

186 333 is today used in shuttle traffic

On the way to the airport, a stop at Haacht


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