Friday, September 30, 2022

Hungary - part 2

More photos from my trip to Hungary
Early morning in Kelenföld, the view from the hotel rooftop

In the evening in Budapest

Ganz CSMG is the oldest type of trams in Budapest - it is from the 1970s
Inside the tram
Budapest has also some trolleybus lines
Taking the metro line 2
Line 2 opened in 1970

Checking out some trains at Keleti station
Here is the night train to Munich and Zurich

Swiss and Hungarian wagons side by side

Line 4 is the newest metro line

Alstom Metropolis rail car, note that there is no train drivere
The line is fully automated, it is possible to use the cabin

Ikarus 280T trolleybus

Solaris–Škoda Trollino 12 IV
Ikarus 435T

More trolleybuses a bit later in this post
First, some trains from already visited before Hosszúberek-Péteri station 

400 865 on the line to Romania

"Heroes of the future"
1+ wagon

1116 012, RCHun - Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

400 795

Class 60 diesel locomotive
The diesel-electric locomotives employed by CFR and built by Electroputere Craiova are known as classes 60 to 68 and were originally registered under the series 060-DA. They were based on a design created by SLM Winterthur, BBC Baden, and Sulzer Winterthur and bear, an external, resemblance to AE 6/6 Swiss electric locomotives.

On the following day at the Budapest-Györ line and Almásfüzitő felső station

Class 240 

Old DB diesel locomotive

Szőny station

386 020, Metrans "Hamburg"

185 609


186 438, RTB Cargo

M61 from Swedish company NOHAB
In the early 1960s twenty NOHAB diesel engines were built for Hungarian State Railways (MÁV), but due to the Iron Curtain, further imports were stopped in favor of M62 locomotives made in the Soviet Union. The Swedish locomotives were classified by MÁV as type M61 and proved versatile, highly reliable as well as economical to run. They were even used to haul non-stoppable radioactive waste transport trains from the Paks Nuclear Power Plant to Soviet reprocessing facilities, despite the availability of Soviet-made M62 engines. The M61 type has achieved cult status in Hungary because they were used to haul most of the express trains to holiday resorts around the Lake Balaton region. Their images became closely associated with teenage summer camps, exploration, and family recreation during the Socialism era when foreign travel was highly restricted for the average citizen. Today, the M61s are no longer in regular service with MÁV, most were scrapped but some were saved. One is still run on charter duties by a preservation group in Hungary and Romania and another one hauls track-laying machinery trains in the Budapest region. (Wikipedia)

193 266, TX Logistik

Budapest later same day/evening

More night trains from Budapest, this time from Nyugati station

Metropol Euronight train to Prague and Warszawa

Nyugati station

Ikarus trollebus, picture taken 2022, but could be 1992

Nostalgia feeling inside Ikarus

Classic trolleybus issue
Pesti Pipi

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