Sunday, September 25, 2022

Hungary - part 1

New trip is on the way, this time to Hungary
Somehow, the view from a place is always scenic

Changing planes in Zurich and charging my battery (in all senses)

Visiting Hosszúberek-Péteri station which is located at Budapest–Cegléd–Szolnok railway line
MAV Start Class 815, is a Stadler Kiss double deck EMU

Class 630

Now at Budapest–Újszász–Szolnok railway line

Can't pronounce this name
I think it means, the train will pass by

Romanian coaches

Budapest–Hatvan railway line

Class 240, Škoda 47E

The MÀV series 416 (former MÀV series 6341 ) are two-part diesel multiple units and they correspond to the type RA1 of the Russian manufacturer Metrowagonmasch. The two-part diesel multiple units were purchased between 2002 and 2004 to pay for the Russian state debt and carry out passenger transport on non-electrified railway lines on MÁV lines. The prototype of the 416 series two-part diesel multiple units in 2002. arrived on June 14 from Mityiscsi, from the Metrovagonmas factory in Záhony, on guest bogies due to the difference between the Ukrainian and Hungarian gauges. (Wikipedia)

Here they are at Gyál station
Not many cargo trains today on visited lines, but at Kelenföld station there are some freight trains

Enough trains for today, time for some recreation at Gellért Thermal Bath

Budapest by night

More trains on the following day, this time at the more busy line Budapest-Györ
193 235, GySEV - Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Vasút Zrt.
I'm at Szár station

Intercity train with Ukrainian wagons

1216 901, RTS Rail Transport Service GmbH

1116 121

The CFR 40 series is a Romanian 25 kV 50Hz AC electric locomotive series. From 1965 to 1991, it was produced by ASEA and under license by Electroputere Craiova

1116 033

185 613, Crossrail AG

193 539, at Tóvároskert

Intercity with Romanian wagons
RegioJet from Prague to Budapest

In the small town of Csákberény, it is possible to spot an old Soviet metro rail car, coming from Budapest

I'm now at Budapest–Székesfehérvár railway line

Here one can spot trains to/from Croatia
And to/from Slovenia
Back in Budapest 

Metro line 1, the oldest in Budapest

Trams in Budapest, Siemens, Combino Supra
CAF Urbos 3 

Tatra T5C5K

Taking the train from Kelenföld to Köbanya-Kispest stations

At Köbanya-Kispest it is possible to change for Metro line 3 with refurbished Russian metro cars


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