Saturday, April 2, 2022

Lübs, Güterglück, Griebo, Labetz, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Berlin

I'm in Berlin, and today I will be traveling along the Biederitz–Roßlau(Elbe)-Wittenberg railway.
Berlin Hbf in the morning
Taking the Intercity train to Magdeburg
At Magdeburg I have a 2 min connection to my next train, I could make it
First stop - Lübs
RE13 from Magdeburg to Leipzig

193 781


Here, there are remains of the Kanonenbahn (literally "Cannons Railway"), which is a former German military strategic railway between Berlin and Metz via Güsten, Wetzlar, Koblenz, and Trier. Metz is in Alsace-Lorraine, which was annexed by Germany after the Franco-Prussian War. (Wikipedia)

The bridge of Cannons railway

Class 152

145 094

140 041, Press

110 278

189 061

140 774, evb

193 584, CD Cargo

186 276, Lotos Kolej Sp. z o.o. at Lutherstadt Wittenberg

At Lutherstad Wittenberg Altstadt, I can spot high-speed train at Berlin-Halle (Anhalt railway)

Wittenberg is famous for its close connection with Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation, for which it received the honorific Lutherstadt. Several of Wittenberg's buildings are associated with the events, including a preserved part of the Augustinian monastery in which Luther lived, first as a monk and later as owner with his wife Katharina von Bora and family, considered to be the world's premier museum dedicated to Luther. Wittenberg was also the seat of the Elector of Saxony, a dignity held by the dukes of Saxe-Wittenberg, making it one of the most powerful cities in the Holy Roman Empire. (Wikipedia)

On my way back to Berlin

Free train tickets for Ukrainian refugees

Outside Russian embassy at Unter den Linden


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