Friday, February 25, 2022

Villamagiore, S.Nicolò, Castel S.Giovanni, S. Stefano Lodigiano

A new trip is on the way, this time to Italy
X60 to Stockholm Arlanda airport
ETR524 from Milano Malpensa airport
Also, there are S trains to central Milano
After having breakfast in the morning I'm ready to explore Italy
My hotel room has a view over Lambrate station in Milan
Morning in Milan
Opened in 1931, Milano Lambrate is the third largest in Milan in terms of the number of tracks, after Milano Centrale and Milano Porta Garibaldi. It is part of the Milan belt railway as well as of the railways linking Milan with Genoa, Venice, Bologna, and Mantua. (Wikipedia)
Freight trains do pass here too, but due to large amount of tracks it's difficult to know where they'll pass
Regional train to Sestri Levante
I'm starting with Milan-Genoa railway
Villamaggiore station, not far from Milan
The railway is a busy one with lots of regional and long-distance trains. There are also many freight trains, but they have their slots in between the passenger trains, unfortunately, I had not planned enough time here to be present at that slot.

Intercity train
Frecciargento train

The white colour on the tracks is intended to reduce the temperature
Sometimes people do take short cuts
Usually, I'm planning my trips in advance as there are less frequent schedules on smaller railroads, so I'm leaving Villamagiore, for a trip along the Pavia-Stradella railway so that I can get to Alessandria-Piacenza railway
River Po

I'm leaving Genoa-Milano railway
Pavia-Stradella railway is only 35km long, and it has a single track

Attaching to Alessandria-Piacenza railway

I will now spend some time at S.Nicolò station

191 003, FuoriMuro Servizi Portuali e Ferroviari S.r.l
Siemens Vectron DC 

metrocargo Italia transport

Vossloh G1000
189 923, DB Cargo Italia S.r.l.

In 2009, it was used by TX Logistik

Time to leave S.Nicolò
Inside ETR521 Carravagio, "Rock"

Arriving at Castel San Giovanni

483 042, Medway Italia S.r.l.
The livery of this locomotive is from Ferrotramviaria

Obviously, all container transports on this line are to/from the port of Genoa

483 306, Captrain Italia S.r.l.
AKIEM SAS is the owner of the locomotive

Here it is, the most frequent station animal except for cats
From the Alessandria-Piacenza line I'm moving forward to Milan-Bologna line
I have arrived at San Stefano Lodigiano station
191 041, CFI - Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A. 

Cimitero di Santo Stefano Lodigiano

Nearby is the high-speed railway Milano-Napoli
401 013
494 004, Mercitalia Rail S.r.l.

Class 484 is the Italian version of Traxx AC3

Regional and Intercity trains are also using this line, while the Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains use the high speed line

I'm now in central Milan at Crocetta metro station

Trams in Milan

Why not try some pizza

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Milano - the capital of fashion

The war in Ukraine has already started, here is an anti-war demonstration in central Milan

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