Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Condove, Meana, Beaulard, Bardonecchia

Time to continue my journey, now from Italy to France
I'm following the Turin-Modane railway, constructed in 1850's
Condove station

SFM Torino network

Arriving at one of the most scenic stations along this route - Meana

"No TAV" - locals are protesting against the new high speed railway

At Oulx I can spot a TGV, which is now joined by Frecciarossa on the route Milan-Paris

The weather is not so good today

Beaulard station

Finally, I can spot a freight train coming from France
FS Class E.652

FS Class E.464
Arriving at Bardonecchia - the last stop in Italy
This is the end station for the Regional trains from Turin - unfortunately, none of them are continuing to France, which is very close here. This must be one of the worst international train connections in Europe, despite having a good railway link

At least there is a station bar with pizza
The only way to cross the border (if not counting by foot), is to take the expensive TGV train

The french station - Modane
TER train from Chambery to Valence
At Valence TGV station 

Arriving at Montpellier
It is much warmer here


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