Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Laives/Leifers, Salorno/Salurn, Lavis

After a good night's sleep, I'm waking up in Alps

The train is on time, and I can shortly board the Eurocity Brenner train here in Innsbruck 

EC to Bologna
No restaurant car on Eurocity due to Italian Covid restrictions, but a mobile coffee bar while still on the Austrian side.
St Jodok



ETR 526
Laives/Leifers station, just south of Bolzano

ETR 675
NTV Italo operates the route Bolzano-Rome here

186 282, Lokomotion Gesellschaft für Schienentraktion mbH

EC 86, Verona-Munchen
1216 022

FS Class E.405

FS Class E.464

193 703, Mercitalia Rail S.r.l.

193 343, DB Cargo

Looks like there is a wineyard here, but now it's a bit cold

ETR 600
Frecciargento 8519, Bolzano-Sibari

Another E.464, with a Regionale Veloce between Brennero and Bologna

193 325 and 193 330

189 918 and 189 936, Lokomotion
189 918 with country package DE, AT, CH, IT, SL, HR, BA, RS, ME

Frecciarossa 8506, Napoli-Bolzano


186 442

193 555 and 193 558, TX Logistik

FS Class E.412, here as EU43

193 355, and 193 306

Changing trains in Trento, now heading to Verona
I'm taking a faster Eurocity train, but it turned out it took more or less same time as with Regionale Veloce
At Verona, I'm changing trains again
This time, a non-Interrail train - .italo
I've never been on a .italo Pendolino, so now it's time
1st class coach 
One section of the coach is a Club Executive
There are complimentary snacks and drinks
The whole car is named Prima

Arriving at Milano Centrale

As I'm changing to another .italo to Torino and I have Club ticket, I'm able to access the lounge

The view from the lounge is great
Celebrating my trip with .italo and the approaching New Year with a glas of Prosecco
Giruno train at Milano Centrale

Time for my next .italo, which is an AGV, ETR 575

Here, there is also a Club coach
With at-seat entertainment
And some snacks too
This is a brie and zucchini sandwich


The main square looks much more empty than my last winter visit here in December 2018


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