Friday, June 18, 2021


This weekend I will spend in Falköping and Arvika.
On my way from Stockholm to Falköping one Friday afternoon in June.

It was long time ago I tried the 3 course meal at SJ Snabbtåg, here it is. Cold but tasty
Arriving at Falköping
I'm expecting plenty of freight trains this time of the day
Here is the first one, CFL Cargo 49501

119 004

GC 5576 to Avesta Krylbo
I'm not the only photographer here tonight. In fact, it is the guy behind the YouTube channel "Svensk Järnväg" that is filming the whole thing. Here is the video
SJ night train 74 to Umeå

Tågfrakt 49620 to Falköping

Rc3 1039

Flixtrain 23009
193 970

GC 45910 to Norway

RRS 42584 to Falköping
Rc 003 is the former ÖBB 1043 003

RRS 42580 to Sundsvall
Rc4 1159

The two RRS trains (one from Nässjö, the other from Göreborg) will become one here before continuing to Sundsvall

CFL Cargo 49540 to Gamlarp
Rc4 1158

RRS 42596 to Vännäs

Tonight I'm staying at Hotel Scandic Billingen in Skövde


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