Saturday, June 5, 2021

Åsbro, Mjölby, Alvesta, Markaryd, Åsa, Skövde

Another sunny weekend, and another trip around Sweden photographing the trains.
First stop is on Friday evening at Svartå station, here is GC 45943 to Norwat

Just before dawn, I stop by at Åsbro, in hope to see the DB Cargo train from Hallsberg to Germany
The last train to Mjölby is passing by
GC 4613 to Hässleholm

GC 5368 to Hallsberg

The last train for today is HR to Hallsberg. Unfortunately DB Cargo train 44981 starts to late from Hallsberg (around 23:00), so its too dark for photographing moving trains

On the following day, I can spot another DB Cargo 44407, this time in Mjölby
185 337

X61 train parked at Mjölby station

Today I will traveling almost all the way to the south, here is Rogberga church near Jönköping

Tenhult station

X14 3233

X11 3188

HR 59754 at Alvesta
241 009 "Moneypenny"

Träryd station located at the former Skåne-Småland railway

Strömsnäsbruk station

Nearby is the former Riksväg R1 (main road)
Timsfors railyard


CN 69742 at Markaryd station

El 2206 and 2203
Markaryd station is operated by Skånetrafiken trains from Hässleholm

Freight trains continue beyond Markaryd to Halmstad, there are plans to extend the passenger service as well

Moving on from Kronobergs county to the north of Halland and Åsa station
Aså station is located between Kungsbacka and Varberg, but for some reason it is only served by train services during weekdays. 
Meanwhile I have caught up the CN train
The train is actually faster than car, but due to single track through Varberg it had to stop for while

At Alingsås I can spot HR train 46724 to Värö
243 108 "Mallet"

On the way back I make a stop in Skövde
Due to railway works at Södra Stambanan, TX Logistik 44585 from Folkesta to Trelleborg is taking a detour

185 715

Last stop for today is at Degerfors station and a nearby zoo



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