Sunday, February 7, 2021


Today I'm in Östersund
The old theatre lobby is now a breakfast restaurant

A short tour around Östersund before the train back to Stockholm

"Håll i och håll ut", the Swedish version of "Keep calm and carry on"

Visiting Jämtli - the outdoor museum similar to Skansen in Stockholm
The museum is officially closed during Covid, but it is possible to walk inside the outdoor part anyway 

It's completely empty here

Just some animals

At the lake there are people skiing and walking

Östersund västra station

Plane spotting

SJ Intercity 11 to Stockholm
The train is taking a longer route through Sundsvall instead of Ljusdal
X55 and X62
There is a change of staff here in Sundsvall
X52 9042
A11 car
At Gävle there is a longer stop as well
Green Cargo 9661 is passing by while I'm at the platform


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