Sunday, February 14, 2021

Forsmo, Näsåker, Lunde, Kramfors

One more day in Västernorrland

What a surprise...

Railway bridge at Backsjön
Björkån river
Green Cargo 9118 to Luleå at Selsjön

Green Cargo 64276 to Skorped at Forsmo
Rde 1072

Hector Rail 41760 arriving from Hoting at Forsmo station
The non-electrified railway Forsmo-Hoting is now used only by freight trains

TMZ 1403

I'm following the Forsmo-Hoting railway a bit

At Näsåker the TMZ 1403 is heading back to Hoting

Hydro power station in Näsåker
Näsåker station. I almost got stuck here, when I tried to park the car next to this station. The car could not get back on the road due to snow, but thanks to the help from the locals I could be rescued.
An old steam locomotive at Näsåker. It was impossible to get closer without getting stuck again

When I'm back near Kramfors, I can spot a Norrtåg at Ådalsbanan

This part of the railway is completely new
Snarabergstunnel is 2411m long from Bollstabruk to Västeraspby
At Gustavsvik, south of Kramfors I'm hoping to spot Höga Kusten bridge

Höga Kusten bridge is one of longest suspension bridges in Scandinavia and Europe

Monument commemorating the Ådalen shootings in 1931
During a protest organised by the unions, five people were shot to death by the police

The sculpture made by Lenny Clarhäll was installed here in 1981

Sandö bridge opened in 1943

I'm back in Kramfors


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