Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Katrineholm, Kolding

Today I'm starting my annual Christmas and New Year trip to Europe. This time I will try to use several night trains instead of hotels.
 My first train is the SJ Intercity from Degerfors to Katrineholm
 The train has a fancy restaurant coach that is usually used in the night trains
 It has been grey and foggy for many days now, I hope to see some sun soon

 Christmas outfit for the conductor

 My trip goes south to Copenhagen. SJ proposed me this route, the other option would be through Falköping and Nässjö - but I have been taking that route already 2 years ago

 The waiting time here in Katrineholm is about 1 hour


 The train to Copenhagen does pass through Katrineholm but it's not stopping, hence I need to go to Norrköping.

 Snälltåget Vectron
 X12 3194 will take me from Katrineholm to Norrköping
 The train is full of passengers

 So, from Norrköping it's the straight way to Copenhagen

 Train 529 is on time today

 Time for lunch


 At Malmö, all passengers are out. I'm alone in the 1st class coach until Copenhagen.

 Coffee corner in the 1st class coach

 The train is indeed on time in Copenhagen.

 My destination today is Kolding, but the train I'm taking is heading to Hamburg.
 Using interrail ticket this year as well
 The train is taking the new bypass high-speed line through Køge Nord

 At the end of the day, I can see some sunlight

 Part of the train is separated here in Kolding, the front coaches are continuing to Hamburg

 My hotel next to the station

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