Saturday, December 21, 2019

Arboga, Örebro, Hallsberg

It's Christmas time, and I will be traveling away to south Europe shortly, but first I'm visiting Örebro and some nearby places.
 Early morning at Stockholm C
 ER1 is the new train type in Sweden, that was entering the service just less than 1 week before this post.
 This train operates from now on the line of Stockholm-Eskilstuna-Arboga and Uppsala-Gävle. Later on, it will be serving the lines from Stockholm to Norrköping and Hallsberg.

 The train service is now changed from SJ Regional to Mälartåg SJ
 The door is out of order already

 On the second floor, I find the windows smaller than in the other trains
 The line is operating with free seating, but perhaps it will someday be possible to book a seat

 Each seat has 2 power socket
 Luggage space

 Safety on board

 My bag could fit on the hat bin on the second floor

 The window on the second floor

 My next train here will be an X40, another double deck train

 X40 is a nice double-deck train too...

 Train 45942 from Norway to Frövi
 Rc4 1276 and 1197

 Örebro castle

 Today I will eat a traditional Christmas dinner - Julbord


 X40 at Hallsberg

 Rc6 1339

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