Friday, March 1, 2019

Storfors, Kil, Mölnbacka, Daglösen

Another sunny day, and the first Spring day - I'm taking a ride to Värmland.
 First stop is at Storfors and Inlandsbanan railway.
 Kristinehamn-Nykroppa part of Inlandsbanan was electrified 2010-2012, since then Tågab is operating this line and Storfors station.

 Today there are 3 Tågab trains passing by this station.

 The green signal turns to red shortly before arrival of the train
 Train 7001 arriving from Falun
 Rc3 1062

 One passenger and one photographer on the station
 The train has 3 coaches: AB3, ABS5, and B1
 I'm not sure that more than 3 coaches would fit on this short platform

 Stofors centrum is on the other side of the street, I notice two political party offices - Socialdemocrats
 And the left party

 Just as many places in Bergslagen Storfors has its own iron industry
 Moving on further along Inlandsbanan
 Nässundet is located between two lakes

 The old station is not served anymore by trains, the nearby road 26 has a bus stop


 Until recently there was a restaurant in this building, but not anymore
 Inlandsbanan is a long railway
 The railway was indeed electrified, but I would say that it needs further modernisation
 Nearby road 26
 Värmlandstrafiken is operating the bus service

 Train 7000 from Göteborg to Falun
 Since 2017 the X10 trains from SL (commuter service in Stockholm) has been scrapped or sold to other companies, 4 trains are now owned by Tågab, and 4 by Saga Rail.
 X10 3203 from Tågab has been repainted and refurbished inside.
 On one hand it is good that these trains can still be in use, on the other hand this is a commuter train intended for short trips, while here it is used for a very long journey - hopefully it is comfortable enough inside.

 From Nässundet I'm moving on further to Värmlandsbanan. On my way to Kil, I make a stop at Skattkärr where I find these trains.
 A very delayed train 48513 from Göteborg Skandiahamnen to Karlstad
 On a side track there is this vehicle from Strukton rail
 Train 48513 is hauled by Rc2 1052

 Train 8910 Charlottenberg-Kristinehamn
 X53 9048

 Train 628 Karlstad-Stockholm
 X55 3358

 The road is clear now

 In Skåre there is train 5552 Sävenäs-Karlstad

 Rd2 1119
 Waiting for this Y31 train 8957 Karlstad-Torsby

Near Kil I can spot train 356 Göteborg-Karlstad
 X52E 9078

 Kil station and Tågab Rc2 006
 Train 9423 Karlstad-Sävenäs

 Rd2 1106
 Train 30793 Daglösen-Kil

 LMV 1877B from Infranord

 Ma 401 at Kil rail yard
 Rd2 1104
 Kil centrum
"Good cheap food"
 Kil station

 Near Kil there is this banvaktstuga named "Smedsta"
 It looks very abandoned, and I would not think that it would be here for a very long time

 Trains between Göteborg and Karlstad are passing by here

 Near Kil there is also the first railway station in Sweden, Fryksta station from 1852
 Located near lake Nedre Fryken

 During the summer there is a cafe here

 Old coaches and steam locomotive
 SJ B 1143 from 1913

 From Kil I'm following Bergslagsbanan which got automatic block signalling recently as well as several passing loops.
 Björnsäter banvaktstuga


 Near Östra Deje, I'm passing over a bridge

 Bridge over Klarälven river

 At Mölnbacka I'm visiting an old station

 In 2016 there was an accident between a standing freight train (due to slippery tracks) and a helping locomotive. One of the damaged freight coaches was left here in Mölnbacka and it is still here in 2019.
 For those interested in the accident it is possible to read a summary in English on page 8 here.

 Nordsjö banvaktstuga

 Sandmon passing loop recently constructed

 Geijersdal banvaktstuga

 A heart in the snow
 Geijersdal passing loop

 Filipstad Östra station

 I'm back at Inlandsbanan
 Nykroppa station

 Same X10 3203 I saw earlier today is now returning from Falun

 Nykroppa church

 From Nykroppa I'm on my way to my last destination today - Daglösen

 Daglösen station

 I still have some time before catching a Tågab train here, so I'm visiting a Asphyttan on my way to the other side of the lake

 Bergslagskanalen is a waterway between Filipstad and Karlskoga
 Canal system is 64km long and it has 6 locks.

 Asphyttan lock

 Spring is here

 Daglösen station is connecting Bergslagsbanan and Inlandsbanan railways

 Seems that I'm not alone here

 The train that I was waiting for - 7005 from Kil to Falun
 Since the timetable change in December 2018 this train is taking this route instead of through Kristinehamn
 By the way, it is same locomotive and coaches that I saw earlier today in Storfors
 Rc3 1062

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