Saturday, March 9, 2019

Tällberg, Orsa

After spending some weeks in warmer period, it is time to see the winter for the last time this season. Today I will travel north to Tällberg and Orsa.

Morning Intercity trains are ready to leave from Stockholm C, here is the train to Östersund
My first train is this Intercity to Falun. Note the livery of this A7 coach, it is owned by SSRT (Trafikverket) and there only one such coach. The other 7 has either blue or black SJ livery.

Inside the seats has same colour design as the other SSRT coaches, with the only difference that this has 2+1 seating for 1st class, while the other are 2nd class.



Arriving to Uppsala






Avesta Krylbo



A7 5261
X52 9039 is my next train


Here in Tällberg the trains are meeting each other as the Dalabanan railway is a single tracked

X51 9018 leaving Tällberg
I did not expect much of Tällberg at first sight as the town itself it located a bit away from the station

The old station is now someone's home
The station opened in 1914

"Follow the path"

Real winter condition here despite that it is already spring time

The station seen from the path
From the webpage of Tällberg I can read: "Tällberg is a little village located between Leksand and Rättvik with a spectacular view overlooking Lake Siljan. A special character of the village is that all houses and buildings are made of wood, such as timber or log.

The village itself has about 200 permanent residents and a further 400 people have holiday cottages. There are eight hotels in the village and it has developed from a farmer´s village in the beginning of 1900 to one of the most known tourist and visitor resorts in Sweden."

Lake Siljan is indeed overlooked from Tällberg, and the view is spectacular
Rättvik church
Tällberg reminds med of the open-air museum Skansen in Stockholm, with the difference that the scenery here is much better and buildings look more authentic. As well, I could not spot a single tourist, at least not this day.

Holens Gammelgård

Monument of Gustaf Ankarcrona - a Swedish painter

I'm back at the station
Free sand

The station house has a waiting hall

In the local grocery store I bought a Räksemla

Two hours later another train meeting is taking place here.

This time the train from Borlänge is also the SJ Intercity from Stockholm
Rc6 1404

Lucky for me it has a bistro
Not many people here at this time of the trip

Approaching Mora
Bridge over Orsa- and Österdalälven rivers

My next train is the Y1 from Inlandsbanan
During the winter and summer time there are daily services here to Östersund

The train is leaving almost immediately, so I have no time for Mora this time
Inlandsbanan between Mora and Orsa

Arriving to Orsa
I'm the only passenger getting off here
Orsa station
Y1 1328
Inlandsbanan company has purchased 5 second-hand Alstom Coradia Lint DMU from Netherlands, hopefully next time I will use their service it will be the "new" trains.

234km from Kristinehamn
Today the station is a B&B hotel

Next to the station is the old railway hotell building from 1894

The old railway hotel

Orsa church
The railway between Falun and Orsa opened in 1892, between Bollnäs and Orsa in 1902, and between Sveg and Orsa in 1909.

Orsa railway association

Local bus
Orsa has a very good information about different places and building

"Cats of the world"

Water crane built in the roundhouse
Old cinema

Born the nearby town

Firefighter station

Court house

Slippery outside the church
Icicle warning

 Korpral Gifting statue

Since there are no more trains today from Orsa, I'm taking a bus back to Mora

Mora station

"Enjoy, Circulate, Reflect"

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