Friday, January 4, 2019

Barcelona to Stockholm

Today my trip is coming to and end, I will leave Spain and go straight back to Sweden. The direct trip will take 36h33min and will include 7 trains including 1 night train.
The only night train I'm able to take on this line is the NightJet between Basel and Hamburg, the rest of the trains will be during the day.
Early morning in Catalonia
Regional train from Sant Celoni (located between Barcelona and Girona) to Girona.

After about 40min trip, I'm in Girona
The good thing with changing trains in Girona between Iberian and High speed (Standard) gauge trains is that both stations are very close to each other.
Before departure of my train, I pay a visit to the lounge

Windmills... Perhaps a destination for my next trip...
Time to enter the platform
Ticket control before entering the platform
This is a morning train between Barcelona and Paris

Many passengers on the train

Figueres Vilafant

Almost 300km/h when entering the Perthus tunnel
Entering the Perthus tunnel
Flyover just after entering France, due to that the railways here are using the left hand side of the tracks, compared to Spain where it is right hand side of the tracks
Canigou mountain

At Perpignan the train from Barcelona is coupled with another one that starts its journey here in Perpignan

Pink flamingos

Locomotives at Narbonne

New bypass railway near Montpellier

After entering LGV Méditerranée the train is increasing its speed once again

I'm changing trains here at Valence TGV station
TGV 809 and 607

TGV from Montpellier to Strasbourg

Passing by Lyon

At Dijon the train is changing direction before continuing on LGV Rhin-Rhône

LGV Rhin-Rhône has two stations, here is Besançon Franche-Comté TGV

Belfort – Montbéliard TGV

Since I need to get to Basel, I'm changing trains once again in France
Since 2018 there is a TER service between Belfort and Delle which is using a new upper level of the station.
The station opened in 2011

My next train is a TGV Lyria

TGV Lyria from Paris



TGV 4412
Basel SBB station is an important train hub

Some trams outside the station

My next train is already appearing at the departures board
Nightjet from Zurich to Berlin and Hamburg

The train is changing direction here in Basel, the Swiss locomotive is replaced with a German
DB Class 101


Breakfast in bed the next morning
The compartment
DB Class 101 at Hamburg station the following morning

The next train is a IC3 from DSB

Destination Copenhagen


After arriving to Puttgarden it turned out that there was no ferry according to timetable, and our train had to wait for the next one

The ferry is arriving

Starting from end of 2019 the train between Copenhagen and Hamburg will take another route, through Kolding

The new railway is being constructed here in Denmark

Decoration inside the IC3 train

Arriving to Copenhagen

I have some time before my next train, so I'm taking a walk in sunny Copenhagen
Gråhundbus operates on the line between Copenhagen and Malmö

Last train - X2 to Stockholm

The whole journey mapped on Polarsteps

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