Saturday, January 19, 2019

Lindesberg, Ludvika

Today I'm doing a short trip to Lindesberg and Ludvika, my goal is to see daily steel trains 9130 and 9133 between Oxelösund and Borlänge.
8AM at Stockholm C

I'm taking SJ Intercity to Hallsberg


X2 train that does not stop here

Neither do X74 train stop here

I'm leaving Hallsberg and taking the line Örebro-Frövi-Lindesberg
My plan was first to visit the Ställdalen station today and take a photo of train 9130 there, but after checking the real time location, I realised I would not make it, so I got off in Lindesberg instead.

Lindesberg station

Tåg i Bergslagen trains at Lindesberg
T43 113 from Tågab
X51 9008

Dalkarlshytteån river
Hydro power station
I've reached a nice spot for taking photos of train 9133

Here it is
185 332 Traxx F140 AC2 from Green Cargo, still painted in DB livery

AB Linde Maskiner factory in Lindesberg is producing sheet metal components

Court house

Lindesberg church
Lindesberg station
X51 9021

I've arrived to Ludvika

X51 and X14

Lake Väsman

High Voltage Valley Walk. "The striking paths show Ludvikas unique position as a world-leading actor in electric power engineering."
The bridge that collapsed in 2017 over the railway is now rebuilt
Ludvika Ulrika church
Ludvika is an intersection point between Bergslagernas Järnvägar (Göteborg-Falun) and SWB (Stockholm-Västerås-Bergslagen) railways. SWB was once continuing all the way to Vansbro, but the tracks were removed during the 1980's, and today the line is ending here in Ludvika. It is still possible to view the remains of the line to Vansbro here near the bridges over Ludvika ström river.

Once the line between Ludvika and Vansbro was passing on this bridge

Hammarbacken is part of the first Crown ironworks founded by the King Gustav Vasa in 1550.

Ludvika manor

It is not easy to bicycle in the winter

Ludvika Ulrika church from 1752


Ludvika has 15 715 inhabitants (2017) and it is the 83rd largest town in Sweden (Wikipedia).

I'm taking this train shortly

Before I'm leaving Ludvika, and just minutes before my train is departing, I can finally spot train 9130 from Oxelösund to Borlänge

Here it is
185 333 and 185 334 locomotives

X14 train

My train is switching to SWB railway here

Nedre Hillen lake

Two V5 diesel locomotives near Smedjebacken

X12 3221


Norra Barken lake


Östra Sveten lake

Södra Barken lake
Fagersta Ironworks

Fagersta norra

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