Saturday, November 17, 2018

Hedemora, Djurås

Today I'm lucky to catch sunny weather in November on my trip to Dalarna.
 But first, old metro cars at Liljeholmen station in Stockholm.
 C6 metro cars were manufactured 1970-1974 by ASEA/Hägglund.
 Today I will be travelling along Dala Railway only.
 I'm taking an early Intercity from Stockholm
 At Morgongåva there is an X11 train from Upptåget
 Avesta Krylbo
 I'm stepping out in Hedemora which is a town in Dalarna County
 SJ Intercity continues to Falun
 The station here in Hedemora opened in 1880
 Current building is from 1937
 The station was bought by Hedemora municipality and it was renovated in 2013

 Stadsparken, City park

The old factory is now a home for pigeons

 SJ Intercity to Stockholm
 The line to Dalarna is operated with old fashioned locomotive hauled rolling stock, the question is for how long...
 Rc6 1341

Hedemora is the oldest medieval town in Dalarna.

Hedemora church

The town doubled its size between 1900-1930 due to industrialisation.

Sculpture Granen ("The spruce") by Krister Dahl, 1981

Hedemora school founded by Gustav Vasa

Hedemora City hall
Old town

Lake Hönsan

Memorial of Peder Svensson
A fire that took place in a pizzeria in the beginning of October 2018
Hedemora courthouse

Next SJ Intercity is arriving from Stockholm. The frequency on this line is every 2nd hour
Rc6 1404
Most of the trains on the line has the destination Falun, while some trains are continuing to Mora

I'm arriving to Djurås which is located further north on Dala Line or Siljans Line

The masts holding the overhead wires are made of wood here on Dalabanan. The line was electrified in 1978.

Djurås old station is located a bit north from the new station.
The old station from 1884 is today a Wedding store.


X51 9009


Autumn sunset over Borlänge rail yard

My train back to Stockholm
Passing by Vikmanshyttan

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