Saturday, November 3, 2018

Autumn in Närke and Bergslagen

This post will take place during 3 days in different places in Närke and Bergslagen area.
 Autumn is here
 Night train from Luleå towards Göteborg passing near Laxå
 Abandoned house near the railway
 Train 8159 near Joxtorp
 X51 9024

 Train 8733 near Jakobshyttan
 Train 4911

 Rc4 1166

 Train 5711 near Dunsjö
 Rd2 1130

 Not much left of this house

 Old railway path


 Lake Tisaren
 X51 9022

 Train 44214 at Skymossen near Hallsberg
 185 679-8 Traxx F140 AC2
 At Skymossen the railway is split into two for entrance towards Hallsberg.

 Train 9140

 Laxå by night

 Laxå station

 Laxå church (Ramundeboda kyrka)
 Train 72996 in Svartå

 Rc2 006

 X74 74002 in Finnerödja

 X2 2023 in Gårdsjö

 Looks like an entrance to a park
 Gårdsjö station

 Train 3390 from Lidköping to Hallsberg
 Y31 1418

 Västra stambanan (Western main line) straightforward and Kinnekullebanan railway to the left.
 Kinnekullebanan is non-electrified

 X2 near Laxå

 Same Y31 I saw earlier in Gårdsjö is returning from Hallsberg

 Train 9052 with Stora Enso extra large containers
 Rc4 1270

 Laxå station
 Water crane from Nora

 Model railway association

 Train 7075 Blå tåget

 Rc3 1061 (143.061)

 X74 74005

 X40 from Göteborg is switching over on a sidetrack here in Laxå

 X2 also from Göteborg is using the main track to overtake the X40 train

 Train 82082

 Rd2 1103 and 1093
 X40 3310

 Lake Toften

 Train 63080 from Oslo to Trelleborg passing by in Svartå
 El16 2211 and 185 713 Traxx AC2 from Cargonet

End of day 2
 Day 3 continues further north in Loka brunn health resort

 Skatviken station from 1906

 Grythyttan station

 Visiting Knuthöjdsmossen nature reserve near Hällefors

 Walking trails are provided in this nature reserve

 Knuthöjsmossen has a rich bird life

 Horses by Aline Magnusson in Hällefors

 Hällefors station
 Tågab trains operates this line

 Train 5755

 Rc4 1199 and Rd2 1030

 Lake Råsvalen
 Train 9130 in Storå
 185 642 Traxx F140 AC2

 X51 9024

 Passing by Spannarboda, no train here, only left over freight cars from Moelven

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