Saturday, October 6, 2018

Ljusdal, Järvsö, Arbrå

Another Saturday and another trip - this time to province of Hälsingland and the towns of Ljusdal, Järvsö and Arbrå.
 I'm arriving to Stockholm Central by commuter train
 The new underground station is called Stockholm City (located under Stockholm Central)

 I'm taking SJ Intercity to Ljusdal.

 SJ Intercity at Uppsala

 Inside A7 coach

Ockelbo and the Norra stambanan railway to/from Storvik


Since 2017 there is Wifi also on the older coaches from SJ
Ljusnan river
X50 9061


My first stop is in Ljusdal
A7 coach
The old railway hotel from 1880

R4 restaurant coach
SJ Intercity on the way to Östersund

Current railway station in Ljusdal is from 1958
11C in October - not bad
Norra station art gallery in Ljusdal

Postplan square in Ljusdal

Old courthouse
"Hildur & Helmer" sculpture

"Klara-Mors" quarter in 1:33 scale

The "old town" in Ljusdal

"Spelglädje" sculpture at the roundabout near road 84

X52 9045

After Ljusdal I'm visiting Järvsö

During my past visits in Ljusdal, I have been visiting the zoo and the central parts, this time I'm crossing the railway to visit the Church village and Stenegården.

Järvsö church from 1838
Järvsöklacken mountain, 390m above sea level
Ljusnan river

Kyrkstallarna from 1700-1800 were used for horses transporting the church visitors from the surrounding villages

Stenegård estate

Famous Swedish singer Lill-Babs got a square named after here here in Järvsö

From Järvsö to Arbrå, I took this bus
Arbrå is a larger town than Järvsö, also located in Hälsingland

Train 5966 from Hallsberg to Ånge
Rc4 1281

The station house in Arbrå was demolished in 2003

Forsön island
Old dam in Arbrå, in 1960 a new hydro power station was built north of Arbrå

Train 9124 from Borlänge to Luleå

Re 1434 and 1437

X50 9061

Last train this day was X40 from Gävle to Stockholm

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