Saturday, October 20, 2018

Falun, Hofors, Sandviken

Today I'm visiting Falun, Hofors and Sandviken.
First, I'm taking an early Intercity train from Stockholm to Falun, here is a stop at Arlanda Central.

Inside A11 coach
From Borlänge the railways continues as Dalabanan or Siljansbanan (to the left) or Bergslagsbanan.
SJ Intercity from Mora
SSAB steel production in Borlänge
Bridge over Dalälven



Lake Runn

Lugnet ski jumping hill - the place I'm going to visit today


Court house

Stadsparken, city park

"Lugnet ski jumping hill has a hill size of HS134, a construction point of K-120. The hill was built specifically for the World Cup Ski Championships in 1974. Last modernisation took place from August 2012 to end of 2013 because of the preparations for the 2015 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships." (Wikipedia)

View platform

Local squirrels in Stadsparken

Railway museum in Falun

Next for me is this Tåg i Bergslagen train to Hofors
Train 9114

X51 9015 in Hofors

Hofors station from 1939

Train 9124

Re 1426 and 1430

Hofors is located 3km from the train station, but there is a track to the ironworks in central Hofors

Bergslagen Line was the first completed railway in Sweden

Train 72090 from Borlänge to Bräcke, operated by VR

This is an CFL class 1800, manufactured by La Brugeoise et Nivelles, in Belgium in 1963
Since 2013 it is owned by Svenska Tågkraft and it has number 1802

The town near the station is actually named Robertsholm, despite the station name Hofors

There are many lakes nearby, here is Tolven

I'm taking next train to Sandviken
X54 9006 in Sandviken

Valhalla is a teater built by Sandvik AB in 1903

Valhalla is built in national romantic style

Firefighters museum

Taking next train from Sandviken to Gävle
Arriving in Gävle

Railway restaurant in Gävle

X40 from Gävle to Stockholm

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