Saturday, August 25, 2018

Lomma, Billesholm, Perstorp, Simrishamn

I'm on my way to Skåne for the annual August trip to the south of Sweden.
Metro was suspended so I had to walk the last part to the station.
 I'm on my way to Stockholm Central from an unusual direction.
 Since commuter trains have moved to the new underground station, platforms for tracks 13-14 and 15-16 have been released to the long distance and regional trains.

 Today I'm taking Snälltåget open access train company owned by Transdev.

 On the other side is the X2 train with Europride livery

 Snälltåget with Vectron locomotive

 Leaving Stockholm

 I'm having a beer in the restaurant coach "Krogen"
 Later a dinner at my seat
 Passing by Nässjö
 Final stop in Malmö. I have been taking Stockholm-Malmö Friday afternoon train at the end of August now 4 years in a row, and each time the train have been delayed. This year, it was on time about 1km until Malmö C, when it was announced that there was no power at the station. Our train was around 40min delayed at the end.

On the next morning, I'm leaving my hotel located next to the station.
Malmö in the morning

Coming elections are approaching.
I'm passing by Malmö C. This year I decided to rent a car for a day to make the most of my trip.
Before the construction of the bridge, the harbour next to the central station played an important role for the passenger ships between Malmö and Copenhagen.
I'm starting with Lommabanan railway and the station in Lomma. The railway had passenger services until 1983, and since then has been used entirely for freight trains, but it will re-open again for passenger trains in 2020.
Lomma is a typical station along the old Malmö-Billesholms Järnväg (MBJ) which opened in 1886.
The new platform is under construction here
During the construction of the railway in 1885-86 new stations were built in Axelvold, Flädie, Furulund, Kågeröd, Kävlinge, Lomma, Svalöv and Teckomatorp, all designed by Adrian C. Peterson. Some of them I will visit today.
The view from Lomma bay
Copenhagen is on the other side

Malmö viewed from Lomma
Next stop is Flädie
Along the line Arlöv-Kävlinge there will be two new stations in Lomma and Furulund. In Flädie and Stävie, there will only be passing loops.
Flädie station
Next stop is Stävie

I can still see "Fr Malmö" sign
"Fr Göteborg"

Furulund station is today a youth center

22km from Malmö
Rd2 1119 and 1080

I take a short detour to Västkustbanan railway and visit the old Dösjebro station. After rebuilding of the railway in 2001, the line was moved to take a more northern route and the old line was converted to a path for bicycles.

The line between Kävlinge and Teckomatorp had two stations, one of them is Södervidinge

The other station is Norrvidinge

Another Green Cargo train, now with Rd2 1030 and 1031

Norrvidinge church

My next stop is in Svalöv. Here is a closed hotel next to the station
The station in Svalöv
Hello cat

Demolished factory next to the station

Söderåsbanan between Teckomatorp and Åstorp will have three new stations re-opening in 2020: Svalöv, Kågeröd and Billesholm.


Kågeröd had a station building but it was demolished in 1990

This is an unusual type of the locomotive, Rm - which was used in triple-unit configuration on Malmbanan. It has smaller wheels giving higher pulling force, but lower maximum speed - 100km/h.
Rm 1258


What looks like a platform is already constructed here in Billesholm

Seems like there will be two platforms here
Norra Vram

Moving on to Skånebanan and Bjuv station
Bjuv is operated by Pågatåg line Hässleholm-Helsingborg

Rd2 1042

Gunnarstorp station is incorporated in a car scrapping facility

I'm continuing my trip along Skånebanan
Passenger services were discontinued in 1970 but resumed between Helsingborg-Bjuv in 1991, then extended to Åstorp in 1998 and finally in 2007 to Hässleholm and Kristianstad.

Kärreberga station

Kvidinge station is today a library

X61 train arriving to Kvidinge

Next stop is Hyllstofta

Rd2 1103

I have already visited Klippan before, so I jump to Perstorp station
Perstorp station

Västra Torup

Church in Västra Torup
Tyringe station

Tyringe station has also a library today
I have almost made it through whole Skåne, so I move quick to Åhus which has two stations as I learned later. This one belonged to Kristianstad–Åhus Järnväg (CÅJ). The other one, that I missed, belonged to Gärds Härads järnväg (GHJ).
From Åhus I'm returning back to Malmö, passing through Simrishamn which has a station too.
Simrishamn is the terminus of the Österlenbanan railway from Ystad.

Election is coming to Simrishamn as well
The leader of the feminist party has Simrishamn as her hometown

After a hot and dry summer, it has been raining a bit in August, which happened to be on the day of my trip.
On my way back I'm visiting Sandhammaren beach and natural reserve

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