Thursday, August 2, 2018

Lindau to Hamburg

From Lindau, my trip back to Stockholm goes through Hamburg.
 I am planning to take EC train to Munich, then ICE train to Hamburg.

 DB Class 928 DMU
 DB Class 612
 A pair of DB Class 218 will be used for EC service from Lindau to Munich
 Regional Express
 S-Bahn from Austria
 My EC train is arriving from Munich with a Re 421
 Leaving Lindau
 I'm taking Bavarian Allgäu railway, 220km long. 
 The line is non-electrified but it will be from 2021

 Inside the SBB panorama coach

 Restaurant coach

 Between Geltendorf and Munich the line is electrified already and served also by S-Bahn trains
 Kloster Fürstenfeld

 Approaching Munich

 In Munich I had a very short connection with this ICE train to Nuremberg
 This is an ICE service between Munich and Berlin which seems to be very popular, because the train was packed with people. Germany has an optional seat reservation, which sometimes results in people standing in the aisles.
 At Nuremberg I'm changing trains
 Next train is this ICE to Hamburg
 This ICE is much less crowded

 From Nuremburg the train is taking a longer route through Ansbach

 The line is crowded with freight trains

 At least there are enough passing loops on the line to let the faster trains pass

 The long ICE1 train

 Delicious lunch on board German trains

 Würzburg-Heidingsfeld Ost, non operated since 1980s

 Now travelling on Hanover–Würzburg high-speed railway, 327km long

 Standard speed on the railway is 250km/h
 Passing by Gemünden which I was visiting earlier on my trip this summer

 ICE4 and ICE1
 A freight train passing by in Fulda



 Between Hanover and Hamburg, the train is taking a longer route through Wunstorf–Bremen, Verden–Rotenburg and Wanne-Eickel–Hamburg railways.
 Arriving to Hamburg

 S-Bahn in Hamburg

 The view from my hotel is at Sternschanze station
 Hamburg-Altona link line, is one of the busiest lines in Germany. The original purpose of the link line, the handling of freight traffic, is now served by the Hamburg freight bypass, running through the northern suburbs.
 Sternschanze station had a long distance platform until 1996 (seen here to the left)

 DB Class 472 is an S-Bahn train from the late 70's
 DB Class 490 from Bombardier is the newest S-Bahn type in Hamburg. This train can operate both on 1.2kV DC S-Bahn network and 15kV AC DB network.

 ICE4 train at Dammtor station
 Dammtor is the third largest station in Hamburg
 Nordbahn Stadler Flirt

 DB Class 474


 DB Class V 100
 114 703-2 operated by MTEG

 DB Class 711 maintenance vehicle for overhead wire contact



 DB Class 101
 Twindexx double deck EMU

 Sternschanze is a popular district in Hamburg for young people with plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants

 Near Reeperbahn there are many sex shops



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