Monday, February 26, 2018

Rome, Cinque Terre, Genoa

Today I'm travelling to Rome by plane, from there I will travel by train back to Stockholm.
 It has been a mild January and February so far, but starting from this day it would become one of the coldest weeks in a long time in all Europe.
 In Stockholm the plane is undergoing deicing procedure.
 Flying over the Alps covered in snow.
 Rome Fiumicino Airport has its own train station with both local and long distance trains. Here is ETR 600 train to Venice.
 FS ALe 426/502 EMU from 1996, aka TAF "Treno Alta Frequentazione"
 ETR 425 "Leonardo Express"

 The train is manufactured by Alstom and it is part of the Coradia Meridian family
 Only 1st class tickets can be used on this train. Some seats have no window view.
A camera and a screen inside the train
 The trip takes 30min with the non-stop train
 Train used by Rome–Fiuggi–Alatri–Frosinone railway
 ETR 425 at Rome Termini
 Rome Termini
 Taking the metro in Rome
 Due to a heavy rain, it was decided to visit the Rome inside a tourist bus

Gemonian Stairs
Altar of the Fatherland

Parrocchia Santa Maria in Vallicella

Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain
Next morning, the Rome woke up to a real winter weather, with heavy snow and negative temperature. At 7:00 there was a chaos at Rome Termini.
Most trains were delayed more than 60min or were cancelled
I was going to take the train bound for Genova at 6:57 but it looked like it would be cancelled, so instead I took a train that was supposed to depart at 6:05 but was delayed with 70min.
My first train today is an FS Class ETR 460, constructed in 1993 and also know as "Pendolino".

There was a longer stop at Roma Tiburtina, and for a while I thought that this would be the end stop
Not many passengers in 1st class
Wine yards covered in snow. It's not often there is snow in Rome and this part of Italy, last time it happened 6 years ago.
Frecciabianca service is using the high speed line between Rome and Florence

When the train is reaching Florence, there is no snow at all here.

Time for lunch
Now travelling on the railway between Florence and Pisa

Little bit later than planned, I'm arriving to La Spezia
Frecciabianca train is leaving La Spezia without me
Bombardier Traxx F140 DC "483 020" at La Spezia
The locomotive is from Alpha Trains Italia, but it is hired and has a livery of Oceanogate company

FS Class ALe 642
La Spezia
My next train is this Regional service from La Spezia to the villages of Cinque Terre. This a low floor push pull coach train.
Inside the low floor part

First stop is Manarola
It's a sunny and cold day. The temperature is around 0C.

FS Class E.464 locomotive with MDVE coaches
Inside MDVE coach. MDVE stands for Medie Distanze Vestiboli Estremi
MDVC control car. MDVC stands for Medie Distanze Vestiboli Centrali
Manarola seen from Corniglia

In Corniglia there is a longer walk from the station up the town

Cappella dei Flagellati Corniglia

Double deck coach type 1979, also know as VB2N "Voiture de banlieue à 2 niveaux"

Vernazza station is partially located in a tunnel

Vernazza is so far the most beautiful of the towns (I'm only visiting 4 of 5)
Santa Margherita di Antiochia Church
Monterosso seen from Vernazza

Fish and chips

Vernaza station

Waiting for the train

Inside the double deck coach from 1979


Corniglia and Manarola seen from Monterosso
Vernazza seen from Monterosso

FS Class E.402
Intercity train with the new livery
I'm taking Intercity to Genoa

Intercity at Genoa
Genoa Piazza Principe station

Statue of Christopher Columbus
Van Hool AG300T trolleybus from 2008

I Truogoli Vecchi
Same bus type as in Stockholm
Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato

Piazza De Ferrari
Chiesa del Gesù e dei Santi Ambrogio e Andrea

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

Porto Antico di Genova

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