Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Milan, Domodossola, Brig

Today I'm leaving Italy and travelling to Switzerland. 
 Christofer Columbus statue outside Genova Piazza Principe railway station

 Terminus station opened in 1860, but 12 years later the station was transformed into through station.
 FS Class E.444 locomotive from 1973

 Double deck 1979 coach

 FS Class E.464
 FS Class E.402

 My first train today is an Intercity to Milan

 Many tunnels on the line from Genoa to Milan

 Siemens Vectron DC 191 017 from DB Cargo Italia

 FS Class E.402

 Milano centrale

 A cafe with a view

 ETR 524 (Stadler Flirt) and ETR 425 (Alstom Coradia Meridian)
 ETR 610

 My next train is Regional Express to Domodossola.
 It's a MDVC push pull train with E.464 locomotive
 Operated by Trenord company
 ETR 245 "Malpensa Express"

 Lake Maggiore
 Borromeo island

 The line is part of TEN-T line 24 connecting ports of Rotterdam with Genoa
 Domodossola station opened in 1888, but since 1906 with the opening of Simplon tunnel it became an international facility.
 Inside MDVC coach

 Domodossola station
 ALe/ALn 501-502 "Minuetto" train
 ETR 610 international service between Switzerland and Italy

 Metre gauge railway to Locarno
 ABe 4/6

 FS 245 diesel locomotive from 1963
 Re 620 and Re 420

 Siemens Eurosprinter ES 64 F4 "474 005" and "474 016"

 From Domodossola there is a regional service to Switzerland operated by BLS company
 BLS RABe 535 "Lötschberger" manufactured by Bombardier between 2008-2012
 BLS Re 485 "Traxx"
 Iselle is the starting point of 19,8km long Simplon tunnel at Italian side. There is a car-carrying shuttle trains each 90min.
 The journey through the tunnel takes 20min

 On the other side of the tunnel it is Switzerland.

 Same "474 005" I saw earlier in Domodossola
 "Lötschberger" continues to Bern.

 Brig station

 From Wikipedia: "Brig railway station is an important railway junction in the municipality of Brig-Glis. Opened in 1906, it is adjacent to the northern portal of the Simplon Tunnel, and is served by three standard gauge lines and two metre gauge lines."

 This will be my hotel for tonight

 A short walk from the station, and I can spot the Simplon tunnel construction. There are two tunnels, the first one opened in 1906, the second one in 1921.

 Car-carrying shuttle

 BLS Re 4/4 (Re 425) "170". This type of locomotives was manufactured by SLM Winterthur and BBC Baden between 1964 and 1983.

 BLS Re 486 "486 505" Traxx F140

 BLS Traxx F140 MS "486 505" and "186 105"
 Sun is going down
 Moon is rising up

BLS Re 4/4 (Re 425) "182" and "178"

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