Friday, December 29, 2017

Metz to Toulouse

Today I'm continuing further south, from Metz to Toulouse. I was originally planning to take a route through Dijon and Lyon to Toulouse, but it turned out to take too much time. According to, it would take 22h35min travelling with TER and IC trains that are avoiding Paris. The fastest route would be with two TGV trains and it would take 5h30min without changing time in Paris, so at the end I decided to take this route.
 Some historic artifacts at Metz station
 SNCF Class B 84500 Régiolis
 SNCF Class Z 27500 AGC

 SNCF Class X 73500
 Since 2016 TER Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne have been merged into TER Grand Est
 SNCF Class X 76500 XGC
 TGV train to Paris that I will take
 Another TGV is coupled with the first one. TGV 508 and 543 are TGV Réseau and they were built by Alstom between 1992 and 1996. They are dual voltage 25 kV AC and 1.5kV DC, but on this route only 25kV AC is necessary.
 The train was full booked, and I got a seat with a limited view, so I just have few photos along this non-stop route which took only 1h24min.
This was the only sunny part I could see during that day, the rest of the day would be grey and rainy.
 Approaching Paris
 Inside TGV Réseau
 Arriving to Paris Gare De l'Est, ICE train to/from Stuttgart and TGV Euroduplex trains

 Two TGV 2N2 Euroduplex trains (3UA) tricurrent and equipped with German and Swiss signalling systems.
 Soon it will not be possible to access the platform without a ticket
 Gare De l'Est is used for regional Transilien services
 SNCF Class BB 15000

 Another BB 15000
 Gare De l'Est from 1849
 I have 1h30min before my next train, on the other hand it is from another station Montparnasse, but I decided to take metro to some of the central Paris.
 I took metro line 4 and got off at "Les Halles". Here is Musée du Louvre
 Pont Neuf
 The Eiffel tower in the clouds
 Love locks from Pont des Arts
 At the station Saint-Michel - Notre-Dame i took RER train
 I arrived to Montparnasse station just before departure
 TGV L'Océane (2N2 3UFC) branded as inOui
 The next trip from Paris to Toulouse would take 4h8min
 After queuing in the dining coach, I got myself some lunch and a beer
 Between Paris and Bordeaux, the train is keeping its 300km/h speed

 Bridge over Dordogne river
 Pont d'Aquitaine
 Arriving on time to Bordeaux
 TGV L'Océane looks very fresh, and has even a USB plug
 And a mirror
 10min stop here in Bordeaux

 Bar coach

 Golfech Nuclear Power Plant. Nuclear power is the largest source of electricity in the country, with a generation of 416.8 TWh, or 76.3% of the country's total production of 546 TWh, the highest percentage in the world (Wikipedia).
 Canal latéral à la Garonne
 I have now arrived to Toulouse

 Toulouse Matabiau station

 Place du Capitole
It was around 0C in Metz, here in Toulouse it is much warmer

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