Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Osnabrück, Arnhem, Emmerich, Wesel, Düsseldorf

Today I'm leaving Hamburg and travel to Düsseldorf. I'm taking an early Intercity train from Hamburg Altona. Instead of going directly I take a detour through Netherlands.
 Early morning at Hamburg Altona station
 Intercity train to Frankfurt

 1st class coach type Apmmz
 Sunrise on route between Hamburg and Bremen

 I get off at Osnabrück station
 The station has two levels, the upper one (on the photo) is for railway Hamburg-Wanne Eickel from north to south, while the lower level is for railway Löhne-Rheine from east to west.

 The station is from 1894

 I'm down at the lower level
 Intercity Berlin-Amsterdam will be my next train
 Stadler Flirt train operating by Westfalenbahn
 ARkimmbz coach with two small compartments
 Dom St. Peter in Osnabrück
 Sankt Antonius-Basilika in Rheine

 DB Class 225 from AIX rail
 Border station Bad Bentheim where DB Class 101 locomotive (15kV) is replaced with NS Class 1700 (1,5kV)

 Time for a coffee
 Intercity is now in the Netherlands
 Since end of 2017, there are now local RB71 service between Bielefeld and Hengelo. Previously only Intercity service was operating between Germany and Netherlands on this route. Here is Alstom Lint train for Stoptrein service Zutphen-Oldenzaal.

 Stadler Flirt train for operator Blauwnet
 Hengelo station

 Almelo station and NS DD-AR train

 NS Sprinter SGM
 Deventer station is where I get off
 Train continues to Amsterdam
 I'm changing platforms here

 NS Class 1700 locomotive that was replaced from DB Class 101 at Bad Bentheim
 NS Intercity ICM will be my next train. It is a service between Zwolle and Roosendaal.
 1st class coach of ICM
ICM train at Arnhem station.
 My original plan was to visit the town, but due to rainy weather I just visited the station this time.
NS Flirt
Arnhem station is the 9th busiest in the Netherlands. It was rebuilt in 2015. To the right is Stadler GTW Spurt (operated by Arriva) for services Arnhem-Tiel/Winterswijk. To the left is Abellio Flirt train which I will take later.
 Arnhem is a station for NS International service Amsterdam-Frankfurt/Basel
 ICE 3M operates the international service between Netherlands and Germany/Switzerland
 3 ICE 3M trains are owned by NS International (with NS logo), here is one of them - ICE 4653
 ICE 3M is equipped with 4 power systems: 25kV AC, 15kV AC, 3kV DC, 1.5kV DC
 Line RE19 between Arnhem and Düsseldorf is operated since December 2016 (Rhein-IJssel-Express). Stadler Flirt 3 trains operating on the line are equipped with 3 power systems, 3kV DC for Zevenaar-Arnhem section 25kV AC for Elten-Zevenaar section, and 15kV AC for Elten-Düsseldorf section.

 At both ends of the train there are small 1st class sections.
 IJssel river
 Near Zevenaar, the railway I'm travelling on (Rhijnspoorweg) is connected with Betuweroute. Rhijnspoorweg is a railway between Amsterdam and Elten which was completed in 1845. Betuweroute is a freight railway between Rotterdam and Germany and it was completed in 2007.

 Zevenaar is the last stop in the Netherlands
 Brengdirect GTW train on route Arnhem-Doetinchem
 Between Zevenaar and the German border the line is equipped with ERTMS Level 2 and since 2014 electrified with 25kV AC
 Freight line Germany-Betuweroute operates with DB Class 189 "Eurosprinter ES 64 F4" locomotives as they are supporting 4 power systems.
 Bombardier Traxx F140 MS from Metrans at Emmerich
 I get off here in Emmerich
 Several freight trains are waiting here before crossing the border

 189 047 and 189 042 from DB Cargo

 Locomotives were equipped with ETCS

 189 203 from MRCE Dispolok, hired to LTE logistics passing by

 189 079 and 189 026 from DB Cargo

 In 2012, the Emmerich interlocking was replaced by an electronic interlocking (ESTW) (Wikipedia).
 The Oberhausen–Arnhem railway (also known in German as the Hollandstrecke) is a two-track, electrified main line railway running close to the lower Rhine from Oberhausen via Wesel, Emmerich and the German-Dutch border to Arnhem and forms part of the line between the Ruhr and Amsterdam. The line was opened by the Cologne-Minden Railway Company in 1856 and is one of the oldest lines in Germany. (Wikipedia)

 ICE 3M to Frankfurt

 ICE 3M to Amsterdam

 My next train from Emmerich
  I have arrived to Wesel

 RE5 "Rhein Express" operates the line between Koblenz and Wesel. It is the fourth-most used regional express line in the VRR network with approximately 48,000 passengers a day. (Wikipedia)
 DB Class 146 (Traxx P160 AC2) and double deck coaches are used for RE5. From 2019 this service will be operated by RRX (Rhine-Ruhr-Expess) and new Desiro HC EMU's

 1st class coach

 Dinslaken station operates also by Rhine-Ruhr Stadtbahn


 Düsseldorf airport
 My final station for today - Düsseldorf

 Thalys PBKA train from Paris to Dortmund
 Eurobahn Flirt


 TV tower in Düsseldorf and Rhein river

 Lichtbänke in Hofgarten park

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