Saturday, November 4, 2017

Hudiksvall, Delsbo, Karsjö, Landafors

Today is the last day of my autumn holidays and I'm going back to Stockholm.
It's sunrise in Hudiksvall, and I'm taking a walk in the city

Single track railway is passing through central Hudiksvall

After leaving Hudksvall I'm following the route of Dellenbanan, 62km long railway between Hudiksvall and Ljusdal. The last services on this route went in 1986
Here is the railway near Bäck

Church in Forsa
The railway was built in 1860 as narrow gauge and was later rebuilt to standard gauge in 1888. It was electrified in 1959.
Former Forsa station
Bridge in Näsviken

Former Näsviken station

At Delsbo, there is a summer heritage services to Fredriksfors.
X7 electric car from 1950. These types of cars were in service until 1983.

Manufactured by ASEA in Västerås
X17 built in 1956

Delsbo station
Y8 1132

Dellensbanans vänner association is lobbying for commercial services on this railway
Hybo station

It is one of the best preserved stations in Sweden today

From Hybo and Dellenbanan I'm switching to Norra Stambanan railway, here is X52 from Ljusdal
Former Karsjö station

Train 5005 from Haparanda to Hallsberg


SJ Intercity train 86 from Stockholm to Östersund

Railway between Söderhamn and Kilafors is another cross line connecting Norra stambanan and Ostkustbanan, just like Dellenbanan. It is 36km long, the last passenger train went here in 1971 and freight trains were partially using the route until 2002. Since the route between Gävle and Söderhamn is heavy congested, it was decided to modernise this railway in order to reduce freight trains on Ostkustbanan.
Kinstaby station and the railway under construction. The whole line is expected to open in December 2018.

MaSJ 3 steam locomotive from 1908 at Bergvik

Bergvik industrial museum
Bergvik hydropower station


Landafors station

Not ready yet
Bridge over Ljusnan river

From Kilsafors northbound, the railway is split into two

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