Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hästbo, Storvik, Bollnäs

Today I'm leaving Närke and heading up north, I will follow "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" until Storvik, then follow "Norra stambanan" until Bollnäs where I'll spend the night.
 Morshyttan is located between Avesta Krylbo and Storvik along freight line through Begslagen

 Few passengers trains are passing here through the day, here is train 8102 from Hallsberg to Gävle.

 Bodåsgruvan mining tower, today storage facility for Mackmyra whiskey
 While having my lunch here, I'm waiting for the next train
 Train 5081 from Boden to Hallsberg


 I have during my earlier summer trip visited other stations along this line such as Horndal, Fors, Jularbo. There are several stops for passenger trains along this line, here is Torsåker

 The only reminder of the past are these posters

 I have reached Storvik which is a junction station between Norra Stambanan, Bergslagsbanan and Godsstråket genom Bergslagen.
 Train 8189 from Gävle to Örebro at Storvik

 Train 8168 Mjölby-Gävle

 Hector Rail train 40863 from Gävle to Borlänge
 Vectron 193 970

 A train from Gävle is arriving, it will change its direction in order to continue north to Bollnäs.

 Much activity here at the weekday noon time. Fright train is waiting for the passenger train.

 Freight train 5009 from Boden to Hallsberg

 The track is clear for the northbound train

 Green signal for another train

 Train 48658 from Kristinehamn to Gävle

 Tågab Rc2 007

 Train 9124 Borlänge-Boden is passing by Bredmossen

 Lingbo station

 Holmsveden station

 Kilafors station

 X-tåget Gävle-Ljusdal

 Former Granbo station
 I have arrived to Bollnäs where I'll spend the night in a hotel

 Train 68773 from Storlien to Kristinehamn
 Tågab TMZ 108

 Two rare passenger coaches at the end of this train
Train 40809 from Ljusdal to Hallstavik

 Northrail Vectron

Train 4325 from Skelleftehamn to Helsingborg

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