Sunday, March 5, 2017

Miniature Kingdom in Kungsör

Today I'm visiting Kungsör in Västmanland region. The reason is the recently opened model railway exhibition Miniature Kingdom.
First I'm outside checking out freigh train passing over Arbogaån river.
 It's a Traxx 185 404-1 for Oxelösund-Borlänge steel train.

 Miniature Kingdom is located in the old industry building "Bleckkärlsfabriken" near the station.

 Miniature Kingdom opened 2016
 The ambition is to cover all Swedish regions, in a similar way as the Miniature Wunderland in Hamburg.

 Dalhalla Opera

 Gävle bocken
 North of Sweden

 Igelstabridge in Södertälje

 Non finished sections

 Straw goat is burning down

 IORE train

 Could be anywhere in Sweden

 At last the other freight trains passing Kungsör
 185 642-6

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