Saturday, March 11, 2017

Gröna Tåget to Hallsberg

Today I'm taking an alternative to SJ - Gröna tåget from Stockholm to Hallsberg.
 It's a beautiful morning this Saturday
 I'm waiting for my commuter train at Årstaberg. Here is an X2 passing by
 Gröna tåget is a spinoff from Blå tåget company. Gröna tåget started its services in 2015 and it is a similar train as Blå tåget, but without 1st class coaches. The tickets are 195SEK (same as cheapest SJ X2 tickets), while Blå tåget price is 300SEK for 2nd class.
 Blå/gröna tåget brands owned by Skandinaviska Jernbanor had a problematic last year with a suspended licence between 5th of July and 11th of December. Since December last year, the two train sets are hauled by Hectorrail locomotives.
 This Taurus locomotive has maximum speed of 230km/h, but the coaches are allowed a speed of 160km/h.
 Gröna tåget is waiting for departure from Stockholm Central.

 Gröna tåget has a mixture of old Swedish and Norwegian coaches. Here is a B36 coach.
 The seats have still NSB design.
 City hall
 I've found an empty compartment in B5 coach

 There is a restaurant coach

 The trip to Göteborg takes around 4h, compared with 3h by SJ or MTR Express.

 Tågab train from Karlstad to Stockholm
 Passing under the bridge of railway between Oxelösund and Eskilstuna
 Stenhammar Palace built in 1658


 View from the last coach

 Västra Vingåkers kyrka
 Border between Närke and Södermanland regions
 Kvarntorpshögen, 157m above sea level is one of the highest places in Närke plain.
 Hallsbergs kyrka

 I'm getting off in Hallsberg
 Hectorrail 242.503 "Balboa"

 Old Norwegian coach
 Old Swedish coach

 SJ trains between Göteborg and Stockholm do not stop here in Hallsberg normally.

 Hectorrail has many locomotives here in Hallsberg. Here is Siemens Vectron
 Hectorrail locomotives are 2 former Rc3 from the left 143.061 "Valkyrian", 143.060 "Jernsida" (both from 1970), former ÖBB Class 1012 from 1996, now 141.001-6 "Ripley", and the latest purchase in 2016 is Siemens Vectron 243.001
 Green Cargo Rd2
 Gröna tåget is now departing after a longer stop in Hallsberg

 Siemens Vectron has "Extra mile" functionality allowing it to be used on non-electrified railways for the last part of the journey.

 Green Cargo Re 1434

 Rd2 and Traxx locomotives.
 Traxx 185 404-1
 Hallsberg station

 X51 Tåg i Bergslagen

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