Saturday, February 4, 2017

Regional trains from Stockholm: Linköping

Today is my 3rd Saturday with trips from Stockholm southbound by regional trains. 
The morning departures are:
8:21 21525: Stockholm-Köpenhamn, SJ X2
8:26 2061: Stockholm-Göteborg, MTRX
8:29 125: Stockholm-Hallsberg, SJ Reg
8:44 263: Gävle-Linköping, SJ Reg
 MTR Express train for Göteborg
 Platform 10 is the easiest accessible with direct entrance from the main hall.
 Next after MTR Express train is my train to Linköping. It is a through service from Gävle.
Today my trip will make a circle with stops in Linköping, Mjölby, Skänninge, Hallsberg, Kumla, Arboga.
 On the opposite platform track 11 and 12 are the trains departing to Hallsberg and Arboga that I took previous two Saturdays.
 Today it will be X40 train
 Passing by Katrineholm Rail Point
 Passing nearby SKF Mekan in Katrineholm, old structures are demolished and new are built
 After stops in Södertälje and Norrköping, it is time for the last stop in Linköpin
 X40 has space for luggage
 Upper floor

 Heating plant Tekniska Verken in Linköping

 Next is the Östgötapendel to Skänninge
 In Mjölby the train is changing direction, so there is a longer stop
 Passengers can change trains for Tranås

 The network of Östgötapendeln
 Tickets can be purchased directly on the train

 I get off in Skänninge

 The train was not is use for 40 years between 1973 and 2013
 Between 1940 and 1943 the transportation of german soldiers and weapons was made by rail through this town. The name of the town was covered to not the german soldiers know where they were. The transports were from Trelleborg to Narvik and Haparanda.

 Medieval Vårfrukyrkan church build by germans 1306

 Ture Lång statue symbolising the justice in town right in the square where punishment was executed

 The cinema

 TMZ 1404 from TXL logistics. The locomotive is from 1968
 It is train number 69002 from Alvesta to Kil

 My next train is Tåg i Bergslagen to Kumla
 Historical billboards at the station

 From 2014 the TiB trains are also stopping here

 Approaching Motala

 Motala Verkstad old station

 AB Motala Verkstad building and maintaining railway equipment among others

 Skeppsjön lake
 The railway between Motala and Hallsberg has still a single track except for some meeting stations, like here in Mariedamm
 TMZ locomotive i saw earlier
 However, constructions of a new double track railway is in progress
 This part will be completed 2019

 Before Hallsberg the railway is split into two tracks, one for passenger and other for freight trains

 In Hallsberg the train is switching direction
 "Vattenhäst" - a water crane used to deliver water into the tank of a steam locomotive


 I get off in Kumla
 Green Cargo train 9052 from Göteborg to Borlänge

 X40 train to Göteborg

 ¡No pasarán!
 Green Cargo train 5081 from Boden to Hallsberg

 My next train is X40 to Arboga

 In Arboga I switch trains to locomotive hauled Regional service back to Stockholm

 Statue of Engelbrekt - a Swedish rebel leader and later statesman.
 Market in Arboga
 "Den lyckliga filosofen" statue of Richard Brixel

 Heliga Trefaldighets kyrka

 Today my train has Rc6-A7-B11-BF7-B10-B10-Rc6 composition

 B10 coach. Totally 35 coaches of this type were rebuilt from B2 to B10 between 2001-2003. They were originally built 1988-1989.

 The old station is located about 800m from the new one opened in 1997.
 The old station is from 1857
 Mälarbanan continues to Köping, while my train is taking off to Eskilstuna

 I get off in Flemingsberg instead of Stockholm C.

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