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Regional trains from Stockholm: Arboga

Today is my 2nd circle with regional trains to/from Stockholm. I'm taking the route to Eskilstuna and Arboga.
One week ago I took "Sörmlandspilen" train to Hallsberg (number 125), this week it is to Arboga, while my third trip will go to Linköping.
8:29 125: Stockholm-Hallsberg, SJ Reg
8:44 263: Gävle-Linköping, SJ Reg
8:51 919: Stockholm-Arboga, SJ Reg
The trip will go to Arboga, then to Örebro, then to Avesta Krylbo and last trip back to Stockholm. Until recently the regional trains were terminated in Eskilstuna, the last part to Arboga were made with another train, but starting from December 2016 all trains continues to Arboga (the map is not updated).
 At the opposite side there is train 7097 to Göteborg, SKJB Gröna tåget
 Regional trains to Eskilstuna and Arboga have been completely replaced by the locomotive hauled coach trains from December 2016 (until that it was X40).
 Södertälje syd

 The railway from Södertälje to Eskilstuna was completely rebuilt between 1994 and 1997, most part follows new route allowing speed of 200km/h.
 Svealandsbanan has many bridges and tunnels, here passing on a bridge over the old railway to Eskilstuna, near Läggesta.
 The railway has single track, except for some parts with double tracks, like here in Läggesta.
 The platforms are 250m long

 One of the reasons to built Svealandsbanan railway was to reach Strängnäs, one of largest towns along this route. The old railway was not passing through this town. Here is Strängnäs Cathedral.
 The railway here has a single track, and is currently upgraded to a double track (completed 2018). The amount of passengers has increased dramatically on this route, and the railway built for hourly trains is not sufficient anymore.

 Passing over E20 highway
 Arriving to Eskilstuna
 Södra bangatan street

 Eskilstunaån river
 The railway from Oxelösund and Flen

 Most passengers gets off / on here in Eskilstuna

 UVEN train (X50) between Sala and Linköping
 Eskilstuna Logistik "Railport Scandinavia"
 "The terminal is served by several operators with daily trains to and from the ports in Gothenburg, Halmstad, Malmo and Trelleborg."
 From Eskilstuna to Arboga, the train is almost empty
 In Rekarne, the railway is split into two parts, one for Arboga the other one for Kolbäck.

 Lake Mälaren

 The line between Rekarne and Valskog is part of Oxelösund-Grängesberg railway and was built 1877. This part has maximum speed of 160km/h

Arboga ån river as part of Hjälmare kanal - a 13km long canal connecting lakes Hjälmaren and Mälaren.
 Road 250 Kungsör-Fagersta
 Passing under Forsby-Köping limestone cableway, now partially demolished.
 Björskogs church
 Valskog station - not in use
 In Valskog the railway is connected with Mälarbanan (Stockholm-Örebro via Västerås). There are discussions to make a train stop here in the future.

 Arboga Missile Museum

 Sankt Nicolai kyrka in Arboga
 While the platforms at other stations along Svealandsbanan are 250m long, the terminus platform at Arboga station is only 170m long, which is just long enough for this locomotive hauled train consisting of Rc6-B7-B7B-BF7-B7-A7-Rc6 (two locomotives and five coaches).

Churches in Arboga

 Arboga station has thus terminus platform for trains from Stockholm, and a platform for through trains.
 Train driver is switching to the other Rc6


 Next is the SJ Regional to Örebro

 This service is still operated with X40 trains
 And 20 min later - Örebro
 X40 train makes a longer stop here in Örebro
 Letting a freight train passing by


 I have 1 hour before my next train, so I take a walk in Örebro
 Not sure what is exactly in this building, but the flag is from Austria

 One of main streets in Örebro - Hertig Karls allé lost all its trees recently due to Dutch Elm disease.
 Until the new trees are planted, the artist Sven Ingvar Johansson decided to make some art of what was left over.

 It will be flowers as well

 My next train is already waiting at Örebro Södra station

 The next train will take me north to Avesta Krylbo
 Dyltabruk station

 Church in Skinnskatteberg
 Not many trains are stopping here
 Västanfors church in Fagersta

 X50-55 trains have one of the doors with low floor for strollers and handicapped
 There is an elevator in the middle
Bombardier Traxx F140 AC2 from Railpool, hired to CFL Cargo.
This train has number 5005 and it is transporting freights from Haparanda to Hallsberg.

Avesta Krylbo

I'm switching trains quickly at the same platform
Intercity train to Stockholm

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